hm... i think this is the best place... but... nee ways this is a post form a diff forum i made...

device cannot start

waht is it? what could be the problem?

and this after:
ok, i have a 2 monitor setup using a AGP and a PCI card ok i jsut changed mobos but the problem began before this so that is not it, ori would like to consider it not the problem. so, on eday the card dose nto work, out of hte blue, however i may ahve accidentaly left eh fan for it off, now if i se the PCI as first boot in bois it (tthe PCI card) works and i get teh code 10 error for the AGP card... the cards are in my sig. um.. it has worked befor they are botht he same brand i HAVE tried installing new drivers, by overwriting, and uninstalling then re-installing and the like, um... i really want this to work if i dotn figure it out by sunday then i am gonna buy a new card with TV out =P os i can have 2 TV outs andi Hope to GOD that one works cuz i dont wann returnit or nee thing. if you avhe any ideas beside reinstalling windows id liek to hear them plz

ok i do not THINK it is and IRQ error, but i may be, i dont think it is a driver error but it maybe... i am on the edge of reinstalling windows