Hello :)

I just finished building a brand new PC. The specs are: Maximus VII Hero, i7 4790k, Corsair Vengeance 16GB Ram, 780W PSU and GTX 970 Strix DirectCU2 OC. I'm running Windows 8.1.

First I didn't know what the problem is because I had a lot of issues installing the drivers for the video card, I tried from the original CD and I also tried from their website and I got this error, installer cannot continue, this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. I thought there are problems with the driver but then I realized that the GPU is not detected by the system.

After this I changed in BIOS the Primary Display from Auto to PCIE and it worked, I installed the drivers, the ASUS GPU tweaker, I even installed some games to test the PC and it worked very good.
I also tested the video card, everything was good, in Device Manager under Display Adapters there was finally the GTX 970.

I turned off the PC and now when I'm turning it on the video card it's not detected again, the ASUS GPU Tweak says Fail to load dlls. Please install VGA driver. The GeForce Experience says Sorry, GeForce Experience could not find a driver for this PC. Also in Device Manager under Display Adapters there is no more GTX 970, it's now Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

I checked in BIOS, the settings are the same and at the Graphics Card Information everything seems ok.
The funny thing is that the DVI cable is connected to the video card so I get the image and everything but the games aren't working and nothing detects the video card.

Then I realized that if I change in BIOS the Primary Display from PCIE to AUTO, or the other way, it works. And if I put the PC in hibernate it works but if I restart it or shut it down, everything starts again, I need to change again the settings in BIOS. It's not making sense for me.

If somebody has any ideas or the problem please reply.
Any answers or advices will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! :)