My Crossover 27Q LED-P monitor just died after almost 3 years. The brightness was flickering / changing in intensity. Then it went black. Changing connectors on the video card brought it back for a while as did turning it off for a while and then turning it back on. Today however none of those approached did anything. I plugged a different monitor into the same port and it works fine so I am sure it is the monitor.

Is there a way to repair it? I saw some listings for a replacement video driver board on eBay but the last one was sold yesterday. Any other source for these boards? What do I need to check to make sure the board is the correct solution?

If it isn't worth repairing what would be a good 4k monitor to get? I was thinking about the Dell P2715Q based on its price and being an IPS panel. I game and do some CAD / Image work. My video card is a GTX690. I was going to wait for my next build for a 4k monitor but if my current monitor is dead I figure I might as well get the 4k monitor now.