First off my build bellow:

ASrock z87, GTX 780, I5-4670, PSU 750 Corsair, Win7

I've had my computer since December and its my first build, everything was working fine until yesterday when I tried to turn it on a red light next to the bios battery lit up which I have never seen on before (its labeled Bios A Led) and everything turned on inside the pc but there was no signal on my screens, I turned the pc off and the red led remained on, had to reboot twice until I got signal on my screens and the red led was not on anymore.

Today the same thing happened, had to reboot a couple times before I was able to get signal on my screens and now I'm scare that if I turn it off the same thing will happen again. I tried Removing the GPU to see if its a issue with the GPU but the red light was still lid.

I hope you guys can help me get this fixed, any additional information you may need feel free to ask.