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Thread: Abit Siluro 128mb ti-4200 crap??? or is it my setup??

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    Hi I just bought (accidentally - thought it was the one with the OTES on it I can send it back if I need to) an Abit siluro geforce 4 ti-4200 agp 8x 128mb graphics card and I was wondering why it is running so poorly?

    I upgraded from an Asus geforce 3 8200 pure running on 30.82 drivers but the performance seems to be worse than b4.

    the drivers that came with the siluro are 31.40s which i dont know much about but for some reason I cant use any drivers that are b4 31.40.

    I have a major query tho' my system only has pc-133 ram and I am not sure whether or not this is a really big issue or not!

    my motherboard aint too good its an
    Asus A7A266-E with 256mb pc-133 ram

    but How could my old geforce 3 with its 200mhz core speed and 450mhz ram outperform a card thats specs are alot higher?

    I'm on win2k and was alos wondering how to re-allocate IRQ's in it because both my gfx card and sound card and two other things are all on irq 9 which is annoying me cos there are loads of free ones.

    Sorry to ramble but I don't really know what to do at the moment
    any ideas will be much appreciated

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    Ok the thing that i will suggest is in the Bios make the VGA display adapter on IRQ 11 and make sure nothing else is using IRQ11. also a simple way of checking what IRQ is using what just as your computer starts you have the cpu clock, hdd,cdroms then another screen pops up just before the windows one press the Pause/Break button and check all thouse, or you can check them in windows but the pre windows screen one tells you what the bios is not what windows thinks it is. On how to set up the IRqs in the Bios its best to check your mobs manual or check the online one at also if you go into the Bios and see that the IRQs are set by some one wite down what they are and then set it to "let bios determine its own irq" or something like that hope any of this helps

    forgot to mention something make sure you uninstall the old card totaly use that detenator destroyer and make sure to get rid of any gfx tweaks (until you get it running of course )

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