Time for a new video card for family and wife computer. Actually I had a PNY GTX460 video card, in my Asus motherboard. And gave it to my wife. The PNY factory overclock video card developed a problem with TDR errors, it had a lifetime warranty, sent it back, they took almost a month to send me back a replacement. That was many months ago. Since that computer was unwrapped new replacement, the factory O.C. has never worked correctly and crashes. I tried using MSI and another utility to change the clocks and voltage. No luck. The new PNY Factory O.C. is bad. I give up, never again a factory O.C.

I am looking at video cards under $200.00 it is my wife's computer, my own is a gaming computer, and like the EVGA GTX 680 video card, old, but very good. So, I know the Xmas sales are over, but could not do it until the end of January.
I am sticking with NVidia, no O.C. at all. She does not game.