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Thread: friggin' sound cards are all cr*p

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    ok it's probably all my fault but i can't see why:
    i've gone through 3 sound cards, a maxisound fortissimo by hercules, a sound blaster something and my ac97 sound chip on my msi: all dead
    well nearly dead, they half work i can here sound on the left but not on the right. my speakers and headphones work perfectly well, but the rest croaks after 3 months. can it be because i change them often (ie plug the headphones then speakers then the headphones etc) so that the connection gets buggered?
    OR my pc is a foul dark place infested by demonic legions :flames:?
    in which case i must perform the purification ritual: burn the pc burn it down purify clean burn burn BURN
    well anyway i hope somebody knows what's going on in there

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    If your constantly plugging them in and out it can cuase wear and tear on the connectors like you said.... does it make a crackling sound or the right channel come to life for a period of time when you twist it?

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    actually yes
    if i put it half in it works but half as loud (judging it quickly) and it's very unstable. but as for wearing the connection down that bad... :confused: i mean i'm not being violent with it and since it's all the way behind the pc i don't do it that often, once a day max

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    I wonder if ya speaker/headphone jack is a little oversized and causin' the little pressure contacts inside the sockets to be pushed back too far and thus after a while they loose their spring and contact. :?:

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