I bought a Chaintech Zenith 7NJS about a week ago and since then i can't hear a normal sound playback. The problem is that my sounds are playing back reeeealy slow!!!!

I downloaded the latest nForce Drivers from the nVidia's site, but nothing changed!!! I searched in CMedia's site for newer drivers for the chip but the thing i found found was older or the same version as the drivers that came on the mainboards's CD.

Also i have a other problem. By nForce USB 2.0 Host Controller dissappeard from my Device Manager. I am sure that i had saw something about nForce USB Host Controller in USB Controllers subtree in the Device Manager, but now it is gone...
Windows (XP) had replaced it with something else ([email protected]#@#$%#) and i can't update it or replace it. The reason i am writing about this, is because i read in the mainboard's manual that the USB Controller 2.0 has something to do with the on-board audio chip.

Are they known problems and if they are how can i fixz them???
Please help, i am very desperate...

PS. They only sound that i heard from my speakers that played as normal was the window's shuting down sound when i restarted the system immediately after audio device drivers installation. Since then i can't playback a sound at the normal speed. I mean that all my sounds playback in slow motion!!!!!!!

Pleeeease HELP !!!!!!!!

Thanksm in advance