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Thread: Tearing problems in 3D games

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    I've just noticed that my 3D FPS games like MOHAA, RtCW and Counterstrike sometimes have obvious separations in the background as I run or turn around in the scenery. It's not all synched up. It doesn't do it really bad, but enough to notice half the time.

    This happens on my monitor (specs below) whether I am conected via 5 BNC (RBG H & V cables) or the standard D-Sub (VGA). If it is a refresh issue, my monitor can handle 85Hz at 1600x12000 easily, so the 1024x768 setting I use shouldn't be an issue. Framerates are 50-99+ consistently. Also, I have V-Sync turned off on the Geforce config screen for both OpenGL and DirectX.

    Any ideas as to how I can sync things up? As a side related question, how come I can't adjust the refresh rate when I'm hooked up with the 5 BNC cables? My monitor isn't listed in Sisoft with this setting, and refresh is = to"default" in its reading. As a matter of fact, the option to adjust refresh is completely removed from the menus when they're connected. Strange indeed.
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    LPC/ISA Bus 1/4x9 MHz (VIA)

    Temps: Board 25.4C, CPU 52C
    SiSoft ALU: 2824 MIPS, FPU 1467 MFLOPS
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    turn vsync on....

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