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Thread: What speed burner do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediAgent

    You cant get a stock 1.4 TBird to 1.53..... something wrong. I've worked with 4 of all different steppings and they'll all get to 1.53 easy, only one needed a vcore change. You should look into that...

    AMD only guarantee the chip to run at 1.4GHz..... I've had two identical Celeron 566MHz chips, one overclocked to 952MHz with a minor voltage nudge, and the other wouldn't even go to 638MHz :(

    Different chips have different overclocking abilities :)
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    and it also depends on different components between different systems.. and different motherboards.. and any other variable that comes into it.

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    What's the default voltage for a tbird? I know I can OC to 1.47 without touching the voltages. Would this be worth it to OC 70MHz? Would I notice a thing be it an extra FPS in quake 3 or an extra 2-3 points in 3dmark2001SE?

    As for the 1.53 I've heard of someone doing that to a 1.4 with a volcano 2, I have the WBK38 inside my windtunnel plus. But I brought the voltage to 1.775...

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    I believe that the default voltage for the TBird is 1.750V :hammer:

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    So what do you think the voltage should be set for if I wanna OC to 1.53 or 1.6GHz and what is the guarentee that my processor will live compare to death. would I notice a speed increase in windows? or just FPS in games....if so how many FPS

    do you recommend water cooling if I'm gonna OC past 1.6GHz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReSpAwN DeMoN
    what is the guarentee that my processor will live compare to death
    The only guarantee there is in cpu's comes at the stock clock.

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