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Thread: Audigy or Game Theater ??

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    im weighing up whether to buy the:

    Creative Audigy Digital Entertainment Special Edition - $129.00
    Creative Audigy 2 Retail - $240.00
    Hercules Game Theater XP 7.1 - $220.00

    a mate of mine (who knows more about audio) said there is not a great deal of benefit between the Audigy and Audigy 2. Only for recording and that kinda stuff.

    I intend to use it for DVD's, music and gaming.

    So what do you's think is the best deal? i could go for any of the three, but which is best? any other alternatives will be good as well.

    they will be used with these most likely

    any ideas and suggestions appreciated.
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    Well, those cards are a bit overkill to be used with sutch low end speakers..

    Consider some better speakers if ya planing on spending sutch big money on a card.. :2cents:

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    wtf are u talking about?
    those speakers are fine.
    i went through the same problem as u, but, consider this.
    audigy 2 and gametheatre are about the same price.
    do u use the extra little doo hickeys the gametheatre has?
    (the optical and coaxial etc etc.)
    No. If those are the speakers u r using, then go for the audigy 2.

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    thanks for the input.

    well the game theater looks awfully good with digital out and the breakout box, usb etc.

    however im saving up for a new system so ill either go with the audigy de special edition or the audigy 2. probably the plain audigy.
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