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Thread: Dual monitor backgrounds

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    well ive only come across a few good dual monitor backgrounds.

    (sorry 56kers, piks are under 120kb but they are from 1250 X 500 pixels to 2400 X 960 pixels)
    (piks are at lower resolution than originals and they are jpeg's, the originals are bmp's, my image host only allows jpegs under 120kb)
    (the pics will also throw off the tables of this page, meaning it will be very wide)

    some are at but since im not a member i can not access them.

    microsoft has a few good ones, and if you search on google for either 'dual monitor backgrounds' or '2560x1024' you might find some.

    but other than that i make my own, such as these 2:

    my battlefield 1942 dual mon-background: 2400 X 960 pixels, 63,469 Bytes

    my first hitman codename 47 dual mon-background: 1250 X 500 pixels, 22,164 Bytes

    and the revised one: 2400 X 960 pixels, 59,882 Bytes

    if any of you know where i could get some really cool dual monitor backgrounds then post the site.

    Andy Edit: Please don't post huge pics unless you link to them, because a lot of our readers are still on dialup

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    ...well i could make them a lot smaller.

    but as one stupid/annoying kid almost said in Lord Of The Flies

    "Sucks to your 56k"

    i'll make them around 400-640 pixels for width, that will drop the size to around 30-40 kb probably less.

    i havent used 56k for a long time ever since i got my megabit dsl connection so i forgot it was (tried to be as least as demoralizing as possible).

    (Bahh! typos)

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