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Thread: Kim Kardashian at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills (06/01/07)

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    Default Kim Kardashian at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills (06/01/07)

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    Default Re: Kim Kardashian at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills (06/01/07)

    Don't want to seem old fashioned and I do enjoy looking at a good looking woman but can someone explain the point of posting pics of someones day to day activities? I guess there are websites ( and magazines ) devoted to this sort of thing but I just don't get the point. If the chick (whoever or whatever Kim Kardashian is .... can't be bothered to google this one ) was undressed or at least showing more skin than the average woman on the street then it might make sense. ...I'm just not seeing why the average computer geek that this site caters to would be interested in looking at a fully dressed woman when there are so many fully dressed women all over the place in the real world. If one is unable/unwilling to go outside then I guess it makes sense but then why settle for pics of a woman with all of her clothing on? /rant off
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    Default Re: Kim Kardashian at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills (06/01/07)

    ^ hey prairiedawg, hopefully one of the other 100 or so people who have already clicked on this thread can chime in, but i will try to answer the question for you from my own perspective. :)

    sometimes less is more. i don't find anything exciting about nude pictures because nothing is left to the imagination. if i wanted nudity, i would go find a live action video or porn site instead. sometimes it is sexier to see a woman wearing only slightly revealing clothing (like kim is here) instead of exposing it all.

    in my opinion, kim has a great figure and does dress sexier than the average woman. granted, i don't frequently go to bars and clubs. understandably, if you see a lot of hot women in your daily life, these kinds of pics will be boring and habitual to you. it is indeed something different for me, as the girls i normally see IRL are all of the conservative student type.

    now you might ask why i prefer to post and view pictures of celebrities instead of "amateurs" (it seems like a lot of guys prefer amateurs). i have always felt dirty looking at random girls in their bikinis or whatever. with celebrities, it is part of their job description to be photographed by papparazzis. they dress up, smile at the camera, and acknowledge that people are going to be viewing their pics and becoming their fans.

    i suspect that a lot of those myspace girls don't mind having their pictures spread across the internet either. however, it doesn't make me feel any less squicky looking at someone else's "personal pics" when i don't know them. at least with celebrity candids, it is a relatively professional medium and i know they are a counting on this kind of attention for their million dollar paycheques.

    i regard scans from men's magazines such as maxim, blender, and gq as well. unfortunately, they only come out with one issue a month, and the pics are usually airbrushed until all the girls look like tranny messes. it seems like a fair amount of men browse or buy Maxim etc., although those magazines don't have nudity either. so maybe i'm not the only one who thinks less is more? :)

    anyway, i don't want to digress and make this reply too long. i do always make sure to title my threads with as much detail as possible. :] it is pretty obvious what i am posting, so people can choose to come in or not at their own discretion. i originally started posting here because the sub-forum seemed rather empty and lonely. i figure that my small contribution is better than just watching the tumbleweed float by. ;)

    hopefully someone else will start posting here too and we can get a larger variety of content that will serve everyone's needs. cheers! and thanks for the feedback. i hope my explanation was adequate for the time being.

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