Remember the days of Wowe Women of Wrestling?

There was a lady by the name of Bronco Billie who wrestled for that promotion.

She now calls herself Onyx.

Wowe was scripted.

The Catfight Report Challenge is not!

Onyx claims she is a tough gal and wants to test her skills. Cheyenne Jewel has a lot of real wrestling experience and is most certainly up the the challenge.

The Catfight Report Challenge!

However, for this match to take place, we are going to need you diehard REAL wrestling fans out there help us fund this matchup!

Please go to the website right now and check out the details on how this REAL wrestling match will work, what the stipulations will be for your investment, and please share the link below with your friends on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter to make this a success for all involved.

Cheyenne Jewel vs Onyx!
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The Catfight Report - Your Home for Catfights, Female Combat, Female Wrestling, and More!: The Catfight Report Challenge - Match 2 - Cheyenne Jewel vs Onyx