The Catfight Report Challenge begins!

Shannon Kelly helped get Ariel X into this business. In fact, she even was one of the first people to train Ariel X on how to wrestle on the wrestling mats.

Now, for the first time on video, these 2 will collide!

Teacher vs Student!

But, we need your help to make this happen.

Please go to the website right now and check out the details on how this REAL wrestling match will work, what the stipulations will be for your investment, and please share the link below with your friends on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter to make this a success for all involved.

Shannon Kelly vs Ariel X!
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The Catfight Report - Your Home for Catfights, Female Combat, Female Wrestling, and More!: The Catfight Report Challenge - Match 1 - Ariel X vs Shannon Kelly