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Thread: !!Important!! To all admins and moderators

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    I was going to put ...(except Beefy)... but thought better of it. ;)

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    Beefy Guest


    I'm a big boy now. I think I could have handled that. Plus it's probably better to warn some of them before I have my fun.

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    Never thought you couldn't. Just know that you really just a puppy dog at heart! This place sure is great for a chuckle or two.

    BTW: Still haven't completed a Four Suit Spider! :cry:

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    caves of bedrock


    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    You're obviously not looking hard enough.. :)
    or may be you haven't looked around on other forums ;)
    believe me pal...TT forums deserve the words that elrado1 put in that post.

    btw Orion-prime nice to see you changing your attitude :cheers:
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    Well, I am kinda dissapointed at how quickly that target was placed on my forehead for being the center of," make fun of this guy attention," But no matter......This is how I'm gona do this and be done with it. I will not be anyones toy especiallly yours beefy( forum smacktard) You guys must be goin out of your minds with bordum to be that anxious to make someone a candidate for that ridicuosly foolish organization. I will forever and always think seti is foolish and this forum hasent taught me jack squat!

    :flames: NO only people like evolv,wiggo, or morgan lander were the only people who ever took the time to tell or show me anything. Most of what I encountered on this forum is things like Hey! look at my expensive rig threads with 5,000 pics on them,I blew my video card up thread, beefy is an a** thread thats right beeftard hahahahah.... the only true smacktard -admin here and the usual useless latest release threads only nvidia and ati cards or overclocking threads, so no this forum isint the best its the worst for people who have a hard time fitting in like me.

    Oh one more thing

    My thought on this beer obsession

    my account


    And no I won't be comming back ever I'm a loner always have been...always will be

    do what you want.... laugh at me play around with all my posts post my i.p. address on every hacker/cracker black list in the world
    put me in the smacktard hall of fame! It wont matter only amongst yourselves and the passing days that you'll be left thinking, " hey this guy aint here no more lets find someone else"

    Laterz 31337

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    Beefy Guest


    OK, let's get something straight here

    a) I didn't give you the title. Another admin did. why do we do it? Because it actually works as a decent deterrant to stop some people posting in here that post crap. And it's a bit of fun in the process. When the whole army business started, I decided it wasn't a good idea, so I let it die.

    b) Nominating someone makes them think twice about what they post. Obviously it's affected you as well. That's the whole idea. We reserve it for the special occasions when it is needed.

    c) You are free to feel and express your thoughts towards SETI, but when you come out in such as aggressive manner, which was totally unprovoked, we need to take steps. We, as a forum, don't need to put up with rants on that scale, especially with some of the linguistic content you had in there. Not a good way to make an impression.

    d) Forums are for sharing. People share their experiences which they think others might relate to, hence the threads about them blowing up their own stuff, any kind of problem, etc. The Beer Garden is more for general chat and comic relief (at times), whereas the other forums are associated with specialised topics. If you aren't interested in something, you don't have to read it. You have a mental choice of what you want to look at. So if you don't like content, or aren't interested in it, just don't look.

    e) We aren't going to exploit you just because you've got a grudge against us. We are laid back here, we joke around a lot (probably too much at times at the expense of certain people), but there's no malicious intent involved. All I can say is get over it, if you want to come back then go for it. If not, then don't.

    PS - Yeah, I'm a smacktard too. Do I care? :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion-prime
    And no I won't be comming back ever I'm a loner always have been...always will be
    That is neither a handicap, nor a personal ability that can provoke pride in ones self and respect in others. The world IS against you. As it is everyone else. Be a man a - step up. We aren't here to kick you out, but your previous posting has inclinated us to warn others throu the means of a title. Your leaving a chance to redeem yourself for a chance to become the Forum Smacktard equivalent at some other forum. If i didn't have some compassion, i wouldn't care. But, please, think before acting. For your benefit, not ours.

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    Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

    If ever you need a bit of help dealing with a software or hardware issue, we'll keep the light on for you and offer any assistance we might have.
    That policy isn't likely to change.

    A PC is a little box often connected to a big world. A world plagued with broken stuff and nastiness.
    It just makes it easier to get through the day when we work together.

    I think maybe you missed the whole point of this forum from the git-go.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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