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Thread: Blaster writer caught?

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    "The FBI has identified a teenager as the author of a damaging virus-like infection unleashed on the Internet and plans to arrest him early Friday, a U.S. official confirmed Thursday."
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    Ya I just read that on my news thing..he did the B version

    there still tracking the original blaster worm writer.

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    I wrote a worm when i was 16 that i was planning on infecting my highschool network with. Unfortunately one of my programming teachers caught on and asked the principal to make me part of the Tech Staff. It sucks because if i wrote it and infected the network with it, i would end up being the one to spend countless hours getting rid of it. Oh well.

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    Sounds like you had a smart teacher...;) :thumb:
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    lol i wrote a dos virri once and ran it on my really simple actually @echo off rd windows good bye

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    Yes he is indeed caught and has an electronical device on his foot atm which unables him to take of before the trial.. He has also been forbidden to use any form of computer connected to the internet before trial.. Once the trial is over he may be reciving up to 10 years in prison and one hell of a fine, $2.000.000 usd..

    So in the end that fun stuff making a worm could be quite expensive for him.. I wonder if he have any remorse at all..:?:

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