I think this could be the reason ofit all. http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=11413

TRANSCRIPTS of telephone conversations between utility operators prior to last month's power blackout in the US and Canada were published Wednesday, so writes Wired. They include explicit mention of some unknown 'computer problems' at FirstEnergy, the Ohio utility thought to have triggered the regional power failures, in those preceding hours.
Early on, a controller at the Midwest Independent System Operator asked his counterpart at FirstEnergy why it hadn't reacted to a transmission line outage. The utility's technician replied:

"We have no clue. Our computer is giving us fits, too. We don't even know the status of some of the stuff around us."

That "stuff" included multi-megawatt power plants as well as connected high-voltage switching nodes and transmission lines. In a followup call, a regional power controller expressed frustration at lack of action:

"I called you guys like 10 minutes ago, and I thought you were figuring out what was gong on there."

But the same FirstEnergy operator was still running blind, paralyzed by mysterious computer problems, saying:

"Well, we're trying to. Our computer is not happy. It's not cooperating either."

Two questions seemingly haven't been answered yet: (1) Were any of those FirstEnergy networks connected to the Internet anywhere? (2) Were any of FirstEnergy's computer systems running unpatched, vulnerable Windows?