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Thread: AMD Petition

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    Feb 2003


    Here´s mine:

    Athlon XP 2100+


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    Athlon XP 1700+
    Athlon XP 1800+
    Athlon XP 1800+ #2
    Athlon XP 2700+
    Athlon XP (Barton/333) 3000+
    Athlon XP (Barton/333) 3000+ #2

    *Looks for an Intel processor* Hmm fresh out. :devil win
    Chris "Raven"
    News Crew - TweakTown
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    <font color=green>Main Beast:</font>
    - Athlon XP 1800+@1701MHz | EPoX 8KHA+ | Corsair 512MB XMS3200C2 | GeForce3 Ti200
    - 2x80GB WD 7200RPM | 40x12x48 Sony CDRW | Pioneer 16X DVD
    - Swiftech MCX462+ / Tt Smart Case Fan 2 | Antec 1030SX case w/ 431W Enermax PSU
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    How to ask a good question

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    Sep 2003


    Athlon XP 2000+
    AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    MSI K7T 266 Pro2 - RU
    256Mb Samsung 333 Mhz DDR
    Leadtek GeForce 3 ti 200 64Mb
    Seagate 80 Gb
    Volcano 9 with coolmod

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    Individual Systems:

    AMD 486 DX40

    Athlon t-bird 750mhz (oc to 1ghz)

    Dual Opteron 240 on Iwill DK8SL
    Dual Opteron 240 on Iwill DK8SL
    Dual Opteron 242 on Iwill DK8X

    Headed this way soon: Iwill ZPC64 (November)

    PS: the Opteron systems belongs to company :).. my personal system is the t-bird one.

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    Jan 2002


    OK let's see.

    amd 386
    amd 486
    amd k6/266
    amd k6/500
    amd athlon 500
    amd xp 1700
    amd xp 2200
    amd xp 2400
    amd xp 2800
    hoping santa is good enough for at least xp 3000
    in the future amd 64

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    Oct 2003


    Okay since about 1998 when I started building my own PCs, and for flatmate as well, I have personally bought new at retail the following:

    Athlon XP 1600+
    Athlon XP 1700+
    Athlon XP 2400+
    Athlon 2500+

    and currently saving my pennies for an Athlon 64 3200+ !!

    I have also been responsible for the purchase of a dozen or so other Athlon chips for friend's machines etc in the last few years. My last Intel chip was a Pentium 90 - yes the Original Pentium!

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    Nov 2001


    I just saw this while casually browsing...

    AMD are really shooting themselves in the foot (no, head) by not supplying review samples to tech sites. Intel does it, and as a result the majority of other reviews dependent on a CPU (motherboard, graphics card etc) are performed on an Intel platform. AMD has to be crazy not to follow suit.

    Oh, that's right, my list :D

    233MHz K6 (Sold)
    400MHz K6-2 (Gave to Grandfather)
    450MHz K6-2 (Mother's workhorse)
    500MHz K7 Athlon (Client system)
    600MHz AMD Duron (Client system)
    XP1800+ Palomino (My current system)
    XP2500+ Barton (Client system)
    XP2600+ T-Bred (Client system)

    So pull your head out of your backside AMD, and support those who support you!
    What came first - Insanity or Society?

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    Jul 2003


    AMD K6 600 Mghz ( current old comp )
    AMD XP 3000+ ( current new rig )
    why wont this work?

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    Oct 2003


    ok not the longest but been through a few

    400 this is realy my first rig
    550 replaced the 400

    slot a
    600 still in use by my uncle
    800 don't know what happend to this chip i think i put it in my uncles rig but don't realy just remember it as my first overcoacking try maybe i fryed it?

    800 first rig lost it in move
    900 still used for testing
    1.3 dads old pc

    1200 second rig
    1400 frinds rig from third rig

    athlon xp
    1700 crispo dont ever try to get one to 3400 fourth rig
    1700 father and law
    1700 wifes old rig b core
    1700 fathers new rig
    1900 toast fan locked up and toasted it i was on vacation dont know why i did not turn it off.

    athlon xp barton
    2500oc 3200 wifes new rig great chip
    2500oc 3200 my new rig once again great chip
    the 2500 bartons have been running for 6 mounths with no problems.

    just remember when you can't see through the side panel from all the smoke ther is something wrong

    i have leared alot about good cooling over the years but i have to say that i have always loved all the AMD chips that i have had. never had a bad chip once (other than the ones that i toasted)but they were good before i got them.

    :flames: AMD forever:devil: twist one up for all of us
    i know that i have burnt more and used more in computers for other people when i think of them i will post again.

    barton 3200 -2500oc
    radeon 9800 pro
    Fortissimo III 7.1
    2x256 geil 400copper sink
    wd 120 se
    very very very modded case
    don't forget the artic silver
    msi delta l 400 nforce 2
    samsung syncmaster 19:flames:

    :shoot2: and for intel i stopped at 166p1 i also had 66and120 had a 233p1 and 733 p3 but never used them gave them away:thumbs do

    when the 64 fx comes out at its full power even dell will have to bend its knee. then i will be thinking (how about a dell dude) but not realy.

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    Sep 2002


    Athlon 1700

    And I fitted Athlon 2000 to the last 3 PC's I built for family and friends.

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