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Thread: Sellers....Avoid TwistedMovistar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo
    Findin' out that a member here is a thief just makes me want to reach for the ban button.
    Maybe he will come around and have a few words to say...don't BAN HIM yet...

    Still the guy is an asshat
    - Damien

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    Poke him with some white hot metal maybe? :shrug:

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    Considering youve got all the proff you need you could file it with law enforcement, or do a Yahoo People search and see if you get a phone number

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    Latest installment in the ongoing, I will pay you tomorrow story::rofl:

    TwistedMovistar (6:08:41 PM): hey there is no need to infor the laws of th e wrong doing
    TwistedMovistar (6:08:52 PM): i have not been ingoring you
    cheezmonzt (6:08:53 PM): welll I'll be,
    TwistedMovistar (6:09:03 PM): i have not been at the comp
    cheezmonzt (6:09:21 PM): then what do you call it? its been almost 3 months and I have yet to recieve any money
    cheezmonzt (6:09:46 PM): i have recieve countless promisses from yourself and your mother to pay this debt
    TwistedMovistar (6:10:05 PM): it is truly myfault
    cheezmonzt (6:10:12 PM): yes it is
    TwistedMovistar (6:10:25 PM): i didn't expect for my mother to not send it or missend it
    TwistedMovistar (6:10:29 PM): or whatever happened
    TwistedMovistar (6:10:49 PM): as a child i put trust in my mother the way way that you trusted me to send the money
    cheezmonzt (6:11:15 PM): well that has passed and since then you had promissed to send it out the next day, which you did not do. I asked you to send me the money while i was in Europe, which again you failed to do
    TwistedMovistar (6:11:27 PM): i relized how it feels to get burned on a deal when i got cheated on ebay for a cell phone batter that cost me 15 dollars
    cheezmonzt (6:11:56 PM): then you should have done something to correct the matter, such as pay
    TwistedMovistar (6:12:20 PM): everytime i was going to get a money order my mother assured me that it would get there
    cheezmonzt (6:12:29 PM): that was months ago
    TwistedMovistar (6:12:32 PM): i had already lost 15 dollars
    cheezmonzt (6:12:59 PM): I am truely sorry that you lost 15 dollars but I fail to see how that affects the debt you had with me
    TwistedMovistar (6:13:20 PM): it doesn't affect the debt that i owe you
    TwistedMovistar (6:13:41 PM): i see how it feels to be left on the ass end of something
    cheezmonzt (6:14:13 PM): your mother said that she was going to mail me the money on August 15th of 2003, it is now October 5th of 2003 that is quite abit of time to have an outstanding debt
    cheezmonzt (6:14:35 PM): you promissed to pay that debt before she ever got involved
    TwistedMovistar (6:15:12 PM): she said that she would send it for me two days after i recieved the drive
    TwistedMovistar (6:15:20 PM): i may have not mentioned it thou
    cheezmonzt (6:15:54 PM): No you did not, and she has failed to do that, what is going to be done to correct this situation.
    TwistedMovistar (6:16:02 PM): i didn't thikn that i would have to stand over my own mother to make sure it goes out
    cheezmonzt (6:16:19 PM): You were luck that the courts are closed on Saturday and Sunday, otherwise this would have been to them already.
    TwistedMovistar (6:16:29 PM): ahhh simmer down
    TwistedMovistar (6:16:54 PM): it is getting sent as soon as i can get to a money order place
    TwistedMovistar (6:17:07 PM): i think that the mapco up the street does it
    TwistedMovistar (6:17:33 PM): i deserved all the insults thou that you sent this way
    cheezmonzt (6:18:02 PM): LMAO...simmer down. you have lied to me and your mother has lied to me and I am supposedto simmer down? you have been ignoring me for weeks, and I am supposed to simmer down. I tell you what, go to a grocerystore, they sell them, the post office sells them, any western union store sells them, any bank sells them. It is even possible at 917pm in TN to get a money order.
    cheezmonzt (6:18:37 PM): TwistedMovistar (6:16:54 PM): it is getting sent as soon as i can get to a money order place, I have heard this from you a couple of times now I appologize if i dont believe you
    TwistedMovistar (6:18:54 PM): 8:15 and i only relied information and took my mothers advice
    cheezmonzt (6:20:24 PM): advice? which was?
    TwistedMovistar (6:20:37 PM): "give it a little time"
    TwistedMovistar (6:20:50 PM): "i am gonna verify the address with him"
    TwistedMovistar (6:21:08 PM): "i will check on it, there is no reason to pay twiice"
    cheezmonzt (6:22:19 PM): lmao I am sorry, but even if you had mailed it will Pony Express it would have gotten here by now. she had no need to verify the address since i Emailed that to her. it is easy to check and see if I had gotten the check, look at a bank statment(she should have received two in the ammount of time its been), call the bank. or perhaps even email me and ask me? Start a thread in TT and ask....
    cheezmonzt (6:23:01 PM): or since i had even included my Phone # you could have called and asked me if I had recieved it
    TwistedMovistar (6:23:18 PM): i have your number?
    TwistedMovistar (6:23:32 PM): when did you give it to me
    cheezmonzt (6:23:41 PM): you could go down right now to the grocery store and purchase a money order, take a picture of it and mail that to me
    TwistedMovistar (6:24:05 PM): lol i have no car and my mother is gone at the moment out to eat
    cheezmonzt (6:24:16 PM): I gave your mother my Phone # when you told me I!!! had to call her and remind her to mail the check, which i did, even tho it wasnt my problem
    cheezmonzt (6:24:36 PM): call a friend, wait till mom gets home, or perhaps walk
    TwistedMovistar (6:24:41 PM): that means that you gave her the number and not me
    TwistedMovistar (6:25:03 PM): dude i understand that you want you 16 dollars but i am not about to walk
    cheezmonzt (6:25:05 PM): well, i would trust that your mother would have kept important information
    TwistedMovistar (6:25:13 PM): i did to
    TwistedMovistar (6:25:49 PM): i have the address, i got it out of one of them flames that i recieved
    TwistedMovistar (6:26:13 PM): William Snyder
    Prescott, AZ 86303

    cheezmonzt (6:26:18 PM): its not even $16 it was $12.63, or to believe you $22.63, or the $40 that you promissed to send out the next day after the last time we talked
    cheezmonzt (6:26:35 PM): that would be my address
    TwistedMovistar (6:27:23 PM): i have it saved here and it is getting sent tomarro hopefully and i will tell you as soon as it is sent, believe it or not(proboly not)
    cheezmonzt (6:27:29 PM): has the address been verrified enough times? that is three times with you
    TwistedMovistar (6:27:36 PM): make it four
    cheezmonzt (6:27:43 PM): I will believe it when it is in my mail box
    TwistedMovistar (6:27:53 PM): that is the best time to believe
    TwistedMovistar (6:28:48 PM): i know it is not a time to be joking but seriously it is getting paid
    cheezmonzt (6:29:00 PM): like i said
    cheezmonzt (6:29:09 PM): I will believe it when it gets here
    TwistedMovistar (6:29:45 PM): i hope that once it is there that we can redeem a friendship if you don't hate me afterwards
    cheezmonzt (6:30:05 PM): that will remain to be seen
    cheezmonzt (6:30:21 PM): Pay your debt 1st and then we will work from there
    TwistedMovistar (6:28:05 PM): ok man it will be settled tomarrow. and i am sorry for the drama that i have saused
    cheezmonzt (6:28:28 PM): dont apologize to me, just dont let it happen again
    TwistedMovistar (6:29:34 PM): lesson well learned on this end, don't take it to the extreme where you get sued for 12.63
    cheezmonzt (6:30:21 PM): better lesson, pay your debts so that you can't be sued for 12.63, which i am assuming is what you are going to send?
    TwistedMovistar (6:30:36 PM): yes yes yes
    TwistedMovistar (6:30:44 PM): even better
    cheezmonzt (6:32:02 PM): ok then I will leave it at that untill i receive payment, if I dont open my mail box by Friday and see it, I go in Friday afternoon and file
    TwistedMovistar (6:32:25 PM): give me till saturday just incase of a backup
    cheezmonzt (6:33:04 PM): it takes 3 days to mail a letter from here to New Jersey, I trust that it wont take any longer to mail on from Memphis
    TwistedMovistar (6:33:15 PM): oh ok
    TwistedMovistar (6:33:23 PM): i don't ship alot of stuff
    cheezmonzt (6:33:38 PM): if you dont feel that is giving you enough time, I am sorry, but I have waited since July
    TwistedMovistar (6:33:51 PM): yes plenty of time
    cheezmonzt (6:34:05 PM): i think that 2.5 months is more than enough time to make a letter get across the country
    cheezmonzt (6:37:37 PM): if you don't think that it will make it in 5 days, I suggest Priority Mail, then you can track it
    TwistedMovistar (6:38:36 PM): i will let yuo know if i do the higher coast mail
    cheezmonzt (6:39:30 PM): it is settled then, I wait to see it.
    TwistedMovistar (6:40:17 PM): ok
    cheezmonzt (6:41:07 PM): good bye
    TwistedMovistar (6:41:13 PM): holla

    With that we will see if he does anything this time. I would really like to see a check in my mail box, but I am not holding my breath

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    To be honest, I did not wade through the whole exchange. All I can say is, at least you're talking. Twisted is also contributing some pretty good [email protected] WU's using your HD.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

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    Well to draw the case to a close, I received a money order today, It took 78 days for the money to arrive but it finally did. Let this be fair warning to anyone dealing on the net even with someone you think you can trust.

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