321 Studios fights lawsuit in UK
321 Studios, the company known for its DVD X Copy product family has submitted its response to legal actions taken against it in the United Kingdom. It is 321's intention to fight the lawsuit filed by Warner Home Video all the way.

The company is facing similar lawsuits from several major film studios in the United States. The studios argue that 321 Studios' products are tools for pirates to make copies of copy protected movies. 321 Studios, on the other hand, insists that consumers have the right to make backups of products they have purchased legally. Furthermore DVD X Copy tools cannot be used for pirating large volumes of movies practically. Each copy is digitally watermarked, and backups of backups are not allowed.

"We believe we have a solid argument, and that our customers have the right to make back-ups of legally purchased DVDs for their own personal use," said 321 Studios CEO Rob Semaan. "We will fight it all the way, and are certainly not prepared to take it lying down or shut up shop and go away."