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Thread: Well Michael Jackson may be going to jail!!

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    I'm sure that the boys in the can will give him some treatment. :devil win

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    Yep, most likely go from a cellie named Bubbles to one named Bubba Ray:eek:
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    I think the guy is too twisted to even contemplate.
    Serious issues there, no doubt.

    What is up with this so-called judicial system?
    Has anyone here besides me asked this?

    I mean, $3 Million bail - yet no charges have been filed?
    Is that legal?
    They took his passport?
    Does the State/County have the right to do that?

    They had how many police officers and investigators at the "scene of the crime" during the investigation?
    How much lawyer do you suppose it will take to make an issue of any evidence collected during this circus?
    Sounds more like a law enforcement convention than a criminal investigation.

    Now, don't get me wrong!
    I'm not here to defend ANY pedophile.

    Sad fact is, this one happens to reside in the same area as a law enforcement community that is notoriously inept, incompetent and corrupt.
    From what I'm seeing so far things haven't changed a bit!
    Status Quo.
    High profile botched investigation coupled with questionable legal maneuvers.

    Anyone recall a guy named O.J.?

    Yeah, same damn place, different yo-yo's who seem to have not learned a single thing about a judicial system.

    By the time they get through playing cops n' robbers any public defender should be able to get enough thrown out of court that the defendant will walk free.

    I'm just bewildered by the whole scenario I've seen so far?
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