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Thread: Am I Psycho?

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    Hey guys,

    Last night I had the strangest vision in my head while I was suffereing from a fever and still "relatively" concious.

    Perfect vision of a commercial...

    A monorail streaking across downtown Sydney and Sydney Harbour in late evening. The monorail is mostly white with blue and gold accents on it.

    A tube starts chasing it, but as the camera zooms in, you see that it is a gold cat5 cable with a connector that looks like a cross between a USB connector and a RJ45 connector.

    The cable catches up with the monorail, and starts going through each of the cars, causing shocks of electricity to burst from each as it moves up the line. Finally when it gets to the head of the line, the entire monorail train turns a brilliant gold and blue.

    The voice and taglines say "AusRail now has wireless high-speed interenet access service on all major business and luxury class lines. Now it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you are connected"


    Tell me this doesn't sound absolutely bizarre

    I also have never been to Sydney or the country of Australia either, so I do not know what is there, but this vision popped in my head.

    Am I psycho or just strange?

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    comparing you to some the TT regulars I'd say your perfectly normal:devil:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kheldar
    comparing you to some the TT regulars I'd say your perfectly normal:devil:

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    Maybe its time to take a week off from the computer. Go out, buy a pack of condoms and go to the bar. That should reset the day dreams. :) I already dreamed I was building a Gaming SuperComputer, and saw UPS coming down the street with 16 Asus Mobos and a huge server rackstand :)
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    I like the blue and gold idea... Go Bombers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatguy3
    Maybe its time to take a week off from the computer. Go out, buy a pack of condoms and go to the bar.
    They got pc's in the bar..:confused:

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    Go Bombers!
    He is refering to Canadian football (CFL), Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
    And yes, you have gone mad.
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    You're definitely well beyond Just strange, but, i doubt that you'll make it all the way to full tilt phycho.....but, don't give up the quest just yet:flames:
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    Quote Originally Posted by dryadsoul
    .....but, don't give up the quest just yet:flames:
    yeah dryad desperately wants a psycho mate for himself :rofl:
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