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Thread: Does Fosters suck in Australia too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatguy3
    ...(they just opened a brewery in Florida)...
    Where in Florida?

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    fosters must be drunk ice cold out of a pint glass. if its out of a can it sucks.

    for lager i find Stella Artois is best but id prefer a john smiths extra smooth bitter :cheers:
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    Quote Originally Posted by metallicat666
    fosters must be drunk ice cold out of a pint glass. if its out of a can it sucks.
    any beer out of a can sucks :yuc:

    atm, my prefered beer is ******ss Extra Stout but I'll take some Jack Daniel's over it any day ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by elrado1
    Where in Florida?
    Tampa Location
    11111 North 30th Street
    Tampa, FL
    (813) 972-8529

    And i just checked out their website it looks like their getting some more distros along the east coast. Maryland, New York, Alabama, NC, and Virginia. Heres where you can buy it in Florida:

    Florida Wholesalers

    Champion Brands, Inc.
    5571 FL Mining Blvd S.
    Jacksonville, FL 32257

    Cone Distributing, Inc.
    3214 West Tharpe Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32303

    Gold Coast Beverage Distributing
    1751 N.W. 12th Avenue
    Pompano Beach, FL 33069

    Goldring Gulf Dist.
    675 South Pace Blvd.
    Pensacola, FL 32501

    J.J. Taylor
    16911 Gator Road
    Fort Myers, FL 33912

    J.J. Taylor Dist. Co.
    5102 S. 16th Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33619

    St. John's Beverage Company
    1221 Southeast Veitch St.
    Gainesville, FL 32601

    Schenck Company
    3964 Shader Road
    Orlando, FL 32808-3132

    S. R. Perrott, Inc.
    305 West Granada Blvd.
    Ormond Beach, FL 32174

    Wm. Thies & Sons - Ft. Pierce
    5020 Glades Road
    Ft. Pierce, FL 34981

    Wm. Thies & Sons - Ft. Lauderdale
    1335 N.E. 26th Street
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33305

    Wm. Thies & Sons - Palm Beach
    201 E. Coast Street, South
    Lake Worth, FL 33460
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    In my opion there's only one good type of Beer and thats free beer:devil:

    If I have to pay for it, I'll go for spirits everytime

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    Last time I had fosters, I noticed "brewed in canada" on it :eek:

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    You must keep in mind this thread was started by a man who can't appreciate one of USA's best brewed is from his own back yard, Rolling Rock 7ouncers.......and since all beer sold in america has to be pasturized.......end of story:laugh:
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    Fosters here is brewed under licence by one of the big brewers:
    Whitbread, they also brew flowers,boddingtons,clarsberg & hieniken which is why they all taste so ****ing crap over here,

    I could piss better beer,Oh & btw they also **** up Bud which also
    tastes better in the states,not that Im a real fan of it.

    I know what the proper Fosters tastes like as a m8te brought a bottle back from oz for me.:cheers:
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    Bud taste like it's recyceled if ya know what I mean.. Way to watery for me.. :yuc:

    I prefer German, Danish, Swedish or Latvian brands.

    This beer is my all time favourite thoguh, It's a Swedish/Finnish brew with 5.2% alcohol.. :drool: :lips:

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    I agree with you there Field CrapWiesier has one thing going for it: World-wide It taste Like Piss On a Global scale, but, at least ya can depend on it's tasting the very same in your ****ty neck 'o globe as well..................And than there's Becks........neva mind. But, seriuouisly, over here i drink the Mexican import that the wetbacks bring across the border with 'em Tecate, Dos XX's and that crap the rest of the world drinks Corona/Mexi Budwiper:thumb:
    Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you recall.

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