OK b4 I close this thread this is the way it goes.

Yes Soulburner did know his stuff while he kept to the stuff he knew about but he also commented on a lot of stuff that he obviously didn't and so in the end gave as much good info as he did bad. The thing that did get him banned was the very rude replies that he gave some others but then he generated a lot of complaints (which for some reason kept bein' sent to me) over these bad replies and a lot nasty replies in course (some were deleted but others couldn't be) and this has been goin' on ever since he's been here (ppl who just case friction with others are not welcome).

These forums use to be known as "The Friendly Forums" but that hasn't been the case for sometime now and I hope that SearanoX will learn from his scrape where as Soulburner didn't seem to want to plus I and I'm sure a lot of others would like these forums to be known as "The Friendly Forums" again.

Another member was banned today for a highly racial thread he started but thankfully that and he was eliminated b4 others could get their teeth into that one.

The Forums Policy is there for a reason these days at or near the top of each main forum for a very good reason (which I wish wasn't necessary) so either abide by it or ya'll suffer the same fate. I wish things could be otherwise but some people just seem to think that they can be excluded from them, that is not the case. We here are an international community but we should also be able to show others that we can get along peacefully and in harmony with each other (to bad the world can't be the same).

Ok I think I need a or after this. : peace2: