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Thread: your office is dirtier than a toilet seat...

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    UNIVERISTY OF ARIZONA environmental microbiologist, Charles Gerba, has discovered that office workstations average 400 times as many germs as the average toilet seat.

    He says the average office contains 3249 germs per centimetre but telephones can have as many as 3894 germs per square centimetre, keyboards 511 and mice 260.

    He also noted that certain cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, which is something that will not enchant workers whose colleagues are suffering from a cold or the flu. The solution seems to be to regularly wipe desks with disinfectant swabs but that undoubtedly means more than the once-per-week dusting that some offices receive. Based on Gerba's research it seems like you should be pleased if someone tells you that your workstation looks like a toilet.

    -the Inquirer
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    Yep, an attractive crapper that one. Seems the standard keyboard could
    use a new "Flush" button.........just below delete/above Print Scrn 8)

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