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Thread: Aussie Sayings again

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    I smell bacon.
    Said when you see the cops!!!

    He's True Blue.
    Real Aussie

    Had to do the Harold Holt out of there.
    a Bolt. Run.

    Even Blind Freddy could see it.
    Very obvious

    Mate, shes as rough as guts/mullet/goats' knees/a pigs breakfast.
    very rough, crude

    Yer pulling my chain mate!
    you are fooling me

    She could scare buzzards off of a meat wagon!
    She's ugly

    I told him a real Porky pie.
    lie (rhyming slang)

    Don't forget that Septic Tank's in town.
    Septic Tank = Yank

    A few dice short of Yahtzee.
    Not very intelligent or mentally incapable

    Bashing the bishop.

    She's in the pudding club.

    He's a full quid.
    He is above average IQ

    I could eat the arse out of a rag doll through a cane chair.
    Very hungry

    The lift doesn't go to the top floor/all the way to the top.
    not very bright

    I'd be up her like a rat up a drain pipe.
    She very f**kable.

    As common as a cat/dog in Springvale.
    rare. (Alluding to Vietnamese eating dogs/cats)

    Your face is like a twisted ugg boot.

    humping my bluey.
    bluey=swag + hump=carry

    Is the Pope a Catholic?
    Of course.

    Don't invite that mangy old *******.
    Don't invite him as he is mean with his money and/or gifts.

    A rooster one day, a feather duster the next.
    the uncertainty of success

    So hungry I could eat the arse/crutch out of a low flying duck.
    I'm really hungry!

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    Stiff as a wedding night/Saturday night prick.
    Sore from exertion/exercise

    She was so ugly that when she walked on the beach even the sewerage got up and left!
    Fairly obvious insult.

    He's a Woolly Wolf.
    He is a poof; a homosexual.

    Here comes a bible-basher.
    a person of excessive religous zeal. Uses narrow bibial interpretations.

    He's got a face like a cat licking **** off a thistle
    Looks deleriously happy or satisfied

    Stuff/F**k you and the horse you rode on!
    general term of contempt or strong disagreement

    And you can bet London to a brick on that!
    Dead certainty

    What are ya bumping your gums about?
    what are you talking about?

    Fits like a finger in a bum.
    It's tight.

    Suck it an' see
    Find out for yourself.

    She's colder than a witches tit in a brass brassiere.
    she's COLD!

    He couldn't get a kick in a cow yard.
    to a useless football player

    It's within cooee of here.
    close by, within calling

    He kicked a sausage roll.
    kick a goal

    I'll give yer curry.
    I will assault you orally.

    Shoot through like a Bondi tram.
    Leave in a hurry.

    Ridgy Didge!
    even more then 'Fair Dinkum'

    Geez your brothers ugly! / Jesus Christ your sister is ugly!
    Said to a twin as an insult.

    I'd better ask me cheese'n'kisses first.
    Ask the missus.

    Popular as a mangy dog.
    Not popular.

    Putting on me stubbies & thongs.
    Dressing up - tuxedo/suit

    Your grasping at straws there.
    getting desperate

    You look like something the wolves ate and **** over a cliff.

    See ya 'round like a risole.
    See you later.

    She's been hit with the fugley stick too many times.
    she's real ugly.

    Carrying on like a pork chop.
    overexited, hyperactive

    I'm going to have me a dingo's breakfast.
    A piss and a look around.

    Like making love in a canoe.
    Referring to a weak beer, because it's FN near water

    He' s all shine, no shoes.
    He's a fake, a fraud

    Does Jack Newton swim in circles?
    Of course! Naturally, yes.

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    Your face looks like a cats arse!
    you are ugly

    Up ya Bundy!
    Up your Bum! (Bundaberg Rum=Bum.

    I'll give yer a bell.
    I will phone you

    I was driving the porcelain/ceramic bus this morning.
    to throw up (vomit) down the toilet bowl

    Go water a horse.
    go urinate

    She's more emotional than a Bob Hawke book launch.

    A mob of monkey's would piss more than this.
    a guide to how much rain is coming down

    Did you get a peking duck?
    Did you get a f**k

    I'm off to the rub a dub, dub.
    Rhymes with Pub!

    Come over 'ere and 'ave an optic at this.
    Look. (optic nerve=perve)

    Could I bludge a fag?
    Can I have a cigarette

    Had a blue.
    Had a fight

    Veranda over the toolshed.
    Belly over the male gentials

    Cobblers awls.

    Come in, spinner.
    Let's go.

    Couldn't kill him with an axe.
    The bugger just won't die.

    I'm off to the waterhole.
    Off to the pub

    Needed as a back pocket in a tshirt.
    Not useful.

    Stuff this for a game of soldiers!
    Excalamation. Anger, Frustration.

    I'm buggered!
    I am dead tired.

    We are next to the marble orchard.
    a cemetery.

    He's got a Ned Kelly on 'im.

    Full as a fat man's undies.
    Had enough to eat

    Mad as a meat axe.
    Crazy, bananas.

    (I'm so hungry) I could chew the crutch out of a low-flying vulture.
    BLOODY Hungry!

    If it was raining bikini clad women, I'd be washed down the gutter with a truck driver.
    No luck whatsoever

    Couldn't get a kick in a stampede.
    Useless football player.

    Up and down/all over the place like a mad woman's ****/custard.
    Something which is 'all over the place'. ie a rough track

    The engine's conked out.
    died, break down.

    What a load of old cobblers!
    load of nonsense.

    Going twenty to the dozen.
    Going top speed

    Full as a fairy's phone book.
    full of grog

    Hold back your brumbies mate!
    calm yourself down

    Doesn't know if it's Pitt Street or Christmas.
    Pitt Street= major St in Sydney, full of lights.

    He's so short he has to stand on his head to get his foot in the stirrup.

    Why don't you pull a brown-eye and show us your stretch marks?
    a way of putting down a heckler

    Time for me to nut and bolt.
    Bolt-leave in a hurry

    Going to drain the one-eyed trouser snake.

    Don't get off your bike.
    Calm down

    Make mine an unleaded.
    I'll have a light beer

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    Couldn't give a fat rat's clacker.
    Couldn't care less!

    A face like a mouthful of mashed up Smarties.

    Wouldn't be dead for Quids!
    Having to much fun!

    She's apples mate!
    Everything's all right

    It's a Clayton's.
    It's fake. eg: non-alcoholic beer

    Feeding the chooks.
    Masturbation, wanking

    I'm up the apple and pears.
    up the stairs

    Darwin -where everything bites but the butterflies.

    Damn dunny budgies!
    what flies and hangs around dunnies?

    Not since JC played full-back for the Arabs.
    A long time ago.

    I've freed Nelson Mandela.
    taken a crap

    Bull**** Castle.
    Australia's Parliament House

    See the Lawn pizza?
    Steaming pile of vomit left on your front yard when your mates leave after a drinking session.

    She wouldn't say dick if her mouth was full of it!!
    dosn't say much

    Going for a Rodney.
    Have a ****. Rod Hogg=Bog

    23 less the carton.
    To say a person is "23 less the carton" alludes to a carton of beer, which has 24 cans.

    Too useless to grow chokos on a backyard dunny.
    choko is a vegetable that grows as a vine.

    Real bunch of odds and sods.
    bits and pieces. Miscellaneous collection.

    Dryer than an Arab's fart.

    **** a brick!
    Excalamation. Rather a shock perhaps

    Japanese riding boots.

    It's hotter than a ***** in heat.
    it's really hot

    Twenty/a few cents short of a dollar.
    not all there- crazy

    Did 'is block.
    Lost his temper

    Madder than a baptist in a brothel.
    really angry

    There's a potato peeler for ya.
    rhyming slang = shiela

    Who's rootin' this cat? Your just holdin' the tail.
    You are not competent to comment on the matter

    He's further back than a snake's arse.
    He is a long way behind

    Having a bludge.
    Not working

    As bent as a nine dollar note.

    A few chops short of a barbie.
    not all there

    Does a Koala **** in a gum tree and wipe his ass on a ****atoo?
    Most likely

    Short of a sheet of bark.
    weak of intellect

    I'll stick yer bloody bum on the barbie.
    I'm so mad I going to hit you then stick you on a hot barbecue

    Let's get canned.
    to have a lot of fun

    It's an embuggerance.
    unnecessary or irrelevant interuption

    I'm so hungry I could eat the crack of Dawn.......Fraser.
    I'm VERY hungry

    Great Salt Lake Cities!
    A woman is endowed with fantastic breasts.

    Busy as a blowie at a barbie.
    To be very busy or hyperactive. (blowfly at a BBQ)

    Hit in the Jatz Crackers.
    To be hit in the Knackers .

    She thinks her feet don't smell.
    She believes she is of high class, she is posh.

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    He's a pain in the Gregory Peck.
    Pain in the neck

    John Thomas.

    You bet your boots that's right!
    It is certain.

    in two shakes of a lamb's tail.
    real soon.

    As camp as a row of tents.

    Give us a Mick Jagger!
    A lager/beer

    He's a right berk, he is.
    an idiot

    To be up the duff.
    to be pregnant

    He's sillier than a two bob watch.

    I am as dry as a nun's tit.
    I'm thirsty

    Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it
    Big Mouth

    You'll never find that this side of the black stump.
    the black stump is a legendary location outback.

    Throwing/knocking back a few beers.

    Drain the main vain.
    To urinate.

    Don't whip the cat.
    Don't cry over split milk

    Don't stick yer bib in!
    Don't interfere

    Ugly as a deep sea racing mullet!
    Ugly chick

    I got here on my Mad Mike.
    a push bike

    Sticking out like a stiff in a pair of speedos.
    Somebody who's very obvious

    I'm busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking competition
    I am extremely well occupied at this juncture

    I'm that unlucky that if it rained soup, everbody else would have a spoon and I'd be left with a fork.

    Make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here.
    Got to get gotta here!

    Put the bite on.
    Ask for a loan.

    Dry as a Drover's dog.
    Very thirsty

    Bugger Off!
    Shove off, get lost.

    Shove it up your Aris.
    Arse. Aris = Aristotle = Bottle = Bottle & Glass = Arse.

    Johnny Bliss.

    She's two pick handles wide.
    She is fat

    Splatter the bladder.
    To urinate.

    Will find himself in more **** than a Werribee duck.
    in trouble.

    Meaner than a recipient of a nuns verbal ***** slap.
    you got to be pretty damn foul to get a verbal ***** slap from a nun

    Not worth a row/hill of beans.
    Of low value

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    Off like a robber's dog.

    She's got a face like a robber's dog!
    An ugly girl

    As useful as a one-legged man in an arse kicking contest.
    Not very useful

    Tough/Fit as a Mallee Bull.
    Damn near invincible.

    More front than Myers.
    pushy person

    Squeeze the cheese.
    To defecate.

    Not all the lights are on in the top floor.
    not very intelligent

    Goes off like Chinese New Year.
    goes wild

    He's a good coca cola.
    A cricket bowler.

    I'm on the wallaby track.
    Looking for work

    Crook as Rookwood.
    Sick, unwell

    He's a Taswegian.
    a Tasmanian

    Tighter than a ducks arse in a rain storm.
    tight-fisted with money.

    He has no JT (jam tart).
    Has no ticker, no heart, no commitment...

    Standing prouder than a honeymooner's dick.
    Standing tall, erectly.

    I'll light the Nelly McGuire.
    Light the fire

    Shut your north and south!
    Shut your mouth!

    The whole box and dice.
    The whole lot.

    That would gag a maggot!
    it's so disgusting it would......gag a maggot

    Pass the Cackle-berries.

    An arse like two pigs fighting in a sugar bag.
    A large Fat Bum

    A better man never stood in two shoes!

    Calling for George.
    Refers to the sound of someone regugitating into a toilet, (the great white telephone) hence: calling for George ('george' being a course version of the sound made when one chunders!)- expressed with

    All these butternut snaps.
    rhyming slang = a jap

    I'm off like a Jewish foreskin.
    I'm leaving

    Slick as greased snake ****.
    smooth talker, or when something works better than expected

    Taking an Eartha Kitt.

    He's got death adders in 'is kick.
    Mean with his money-kick=pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay
    Gotta be quick when I am on a roll ;)
    remember this, well i got you back.

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    Full as a Catholic school.
    The meal was extremly filling.

    He's not within cooee of finishing that job.
    far away from doing it.

    Game! He's as game as Ned Kelly.
    He'll have a go.

    How's your bum for grabs.
    Pleased to make your esteemed acquaintance.

    Bore it up 'em!
    Give them a thrashing. (team sports)

    Why stroll when you can roll?
    why walk when you can drive?

    Couldn't produce a fart in a licorice factory.
    See: Useless as **** on a bull

    Few tiles short of a roof.
    slow , not very quick

    Your bedroom looks like a Packapoo ticket.

    My sky rocket.
    Hip pocket

    She's put on her best bib and tucker.
    best clothes

    Smooth as an old man's donger.
    Very rough

    Copulater / Cop ya later.
    Bye for now

    As ugly as a bag of spanners.

    Wouldn't that rip the crater out of granny's crutch!
    When something bad happens.

    He's a broken packet of biscuits.
    Looks good on the outside, a mess on the inside

    I've got to catch the Bread & Jam.

    Stop beating your mongrel.
    having a wank

    Get some mother and daughter will ya?
    Fetch some water.

    'till it rains in Marble Bar.

    Johnny Horner.

    As useful as a c**t full of cold water.
    Not very usefull

    To sink the slipper.

    Have the run of your dover.
    eat all you want.

    Take a shuftee
    Take a look.

    A face like a marron and hands like a couple of yabbies.

    See you at the shake and shiver.
    Go to the river.

    Johnny Hopper.

    He is jumped up.

    You wouldn't know if it was Whitsunday Passage, Thursday Island or Friday afternoon.
    You are not competent to comment on the matter

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    oing off like a frog in a sock.
    going crazy

    Face like a burnt thong.

    It's colder than a well-diggers ass.
    it's really cold

    **** a snook/snoot.
    thumbs on nose gesture.

    They're ****atoo farmers.
    a smalltime farmer

    To get the Darling Pea.
    act strange/insane

    He ran like a hairy goat
    It was not his best race. (horse race)

    hew on yer boot.
    I hope your accuracy is faulty in kicking this goal. Yelled at footy matches to a player, particularly when a football player is taking a free kick within scoring distance

    Taking out the garbage.
    going to the bathroom/toilet

    He's gone to Coburg & Kew.

    I'm going to the snake room to water the horses.
    going to take a piss

    As happy as a dog with two dicks.
    very happy

    Better than a **** in the dark.
    Better than nothing at all

    Send 'er down Hughie!
    entreaty to God to make it rain

    As useful as a handbrake on a Holden.

    Me heads throbbing harder than a honeymooners disk.
    I got a headache.

    Goes like **** off a shiny shovel.
    Really fast.

    If it rained gravy everyone else would have a frying-pan - and I'd be left with a gridiron.

    Grog with no nectar.
    Alcohol free beer

    Teeth to tail ratio.
    Active personnel to administration.

    Down in Tasway.

    Come over and see my Malvern Star.

    The whallopers.
    The Police

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    Call us a Joe Baxi.

    All over the place like a Mad Woman's Piss
    Out of control

    Rough as bags and twice as nasty.
    uncouth, rough

    Dear Bill! Ain't it a *******!
    denotes deepest feelings of exasperation and disgust

    I've got a eggflip.
    A tip (horse racing)

    Jumped up like a roo's pecker.

    You take the mad and silly.
    Grab the billy.

    Darker than the inside of a black dog's guts.
    Very dark

    I'll have your blood for breakfast!
    You're in trouble

    Go back to taws.
    start at the begining

    I'm so hungry, I could eat a skunk's arsehole.
    Very hungry

    Colder than a penguin's chuff.
    bloody cold

    ****e and tolley balls.
    **** and ****

    As useless as a chocolate fireguard.

    He used the Mungindi glove in the fight.
    He kicked his opponent

    It's that windy it would blow a dog off it's chain.
    The wind is really blowin a gale.

    I smell like a gorilla's arm-pit!
    I need a shower

    Ten thousand sheep short of a top paddock.
    kind of slow, an idiot

    Japanese flying suit
    T-shirt ,shorts and thongs

    I'm going to use the bank a'bout.
    the ATM (automatic teller machine)

    Knock into a ****ed hat.
    To destroy or overcome something completely

    Mow the brigalo suckers.
    Shave your beard

    As useful as a fart in a collander.
    Useless. (collander is a kitchen strainer)

    What a Merchant banker!

    My bike is buggered.
    It's broken

    Do you want some Mary Lee?
    Want any tea?

    Bourke shower.
    a dust storm.

    I'm dying for a piss so bad I can taste it.
    Absolutely hanging for a piss

    Wet enough to bog a duck
    It`s rained a lot.

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