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Thread: Aussie Sayings again

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    Yer talking farmyard/Flemington confetti.
    a whole load of rubbish.

    That was a ****eye bob!
    a sudden storm or squall.

    Piece of piss.
    It's easy

    He's got more balls than Keno.
    Showing alot of determination.

    A Seppo.
    An American ,seppo being short for septic tank ,which rhymes with yank

    Time to go to the soapy sapple.
    chapel (rhyming slang)

    Couldn't get a kick if he hanged himself.
    Useless football player.

    You look like a pox doctor's clerk.
    Dressed up, slightly gaudy, bad taste.

    Toss a tiger on the carpet.

    Two yards faster than a trickel.
    Very slow.

    Happy as a pig in ****.
    I am feeling pretty good.

    He's a Half back flanker

    In a brace of shakes.

    Pavement Pizza.
    A pile of vomit , usually at a bus stop shortly after sparrow's fart

    Quick as a bumnut through an eggslice.
    Quick. bumnuts=eggs.

    He's gone to take a Les Kiss.
    gone to take a piss.

    As full as a secondary school hat rack.
    Very drunk

    Off like Grandma's pants on Fathers day!
    To leave very quicky, (as in, "I'm off")

    Face like a beaten favourite.
    a shocking looking chick!

    Gotta get up Dawn's crack.
    To have to be up early. (crack of dawn)

    Thicker than two ton of dog ****.
    pretty bloody stupid

    Joe Bloggs just coughed.
    that joe (the baddy) just confessed

    Let's get Schindler's.
    Schindler's List=Pissed

    Randier than a stud bull let lose in a paddock full of heifers.
    Very randy

    He's got a head on him like a Diranbandi mail bag.

    Fit as a buck rat! (and twice as sexy)
    Even fitter than a Mallee Bull [meaning sexually active]

    As stuffed as a ***** on Father's Day.
    Can't eat another thing

    He's a ****y / He's a cow ****y.
    He is a Farmer / He is a Cattle Farmer

    The bronze.
    The Police

    All prick and ribs, like a drovers dog.

    Into everything like/as useful as a drover's pup.
    Not useful at all

    Couldn't pull the skin off a custard / has a custard arm.
    Weak / Can't throw (sport)

    Up to ya nuts in guts.

    As toey as a roman sandal.
    In need of a bit of sex

    Pardon for reaching, I just got off tha boat.
    Excusing one self while reaching across the dinner table for the salt.

    Showing more toe than a Roman sandle.
    Showing plenty of guts

    Fuller than a butchers dog.
    very full.

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    He is like a boarding house cup of tea.
    - Big and Weak

    Haven't laughed this much since Granny got her **** caught in the wringer!
    Expression of pleasure

    About as funny as a hatful of arseholes.
    Very funny har har. Said sarcastically. (not funny at all)

    Just been to check the maker.
    Been off for a chuck (vomit) in the dunny.

    Ravi Shanker.

    On her rags.
    her period

    Loose as a **** in a sock.
    very loose

    He's in more **** than Ned Kelly.
    in trouble

    Wind Assisted F**king Idiot. (sailing)

    I had a drovers breakfast this morning - a quick piss and a look around.
    Didn't have time for breakfast or anything before setting to work.

    Further behind than a Python's arsehole
    A long way away

    Go dip your eye in ****y's ****.
    If you don't like it-bugger off

    Your the sort that licks the bowl when they have finished, rather than pull the chain.
    penny-pinching with money.

    It's your Wally Grout!
    It's your shout. (turn to buy beers)

    He's got short arms and long pockets.
    A mean ******* with money.

    Point Percy at the porcelain.
    going to have a piss

    As useless/Useful as a chocolate teapot.
    Really useless

    You've got a head like a dropped pie.
    Very Ugly

    He thinks his **** don' stink, but his farts give him away.
    He thinks he's good\posh.

    She wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire.
    She doesn't hold me in a lot of esteem.

    Up **** creek without a paddle.
    in a really bad situation with no way out!

    Holy snapping duck ****!

    Mean as a mysogynist's dick.
    1) Picky or particular. 2) Not free with money.

    As crooked as a dog's hind leg.
    not on the straight and narrow path...

    Dip yer didge.
    didge=digeridoo. Have a shag.

    Drain me didge.
    Drain my didge (digeridoo) - take a leak.

    Look at the Brace & bits on her!
    ****. Breasts

    Watch out for the Edgar Brit.

    Right through the Georgie Moore.

    Fair dinkum.
    1) It's the truth. 2) Exclamation! 3) Is it the truth?

    I'm off to shake the snake.
    take a piss

    Put your hands in your skyrocket mate, it's your Wally Grout.
    Put your hands in your pocket mate, it's your shout.

    Where's ya eau de cologne?

    It's me verandah over me toolbox!
    describing a beergut

    Gotta go to the Werris.
    Werris creek=leak.

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    All froth and no beer.
    Full of himself [not rightly so]

    Couldn't run a choko vine over a ****house.
    Can manage/organize/operate anything

    Couldn't organise a orgy in a brothel.
    Hopeless, totally disorganised

    Standing around like an extra guest/prick at a knock shop wedding.
    to be standing around uselessly - perjorative if used about someone else - as a sign of irritation at delay if used about oneself.

    She'd be right mate!
    She'd be apples, alright.

    It couldn't be done in a month of Sundays.
    It's going to take a long time.

    It would kill a brown dog!
    Nothing can kill a brown dog, but this tasted so bad that it could,

    Watch out for the barker eggs!
    dog poo.

    Gone to Yackandandah.
    gone to take a gander (take a look!)

    It's hot enough to boil a monkey's bum!

    Come on slow coach!
    lagging behind, slow, lazy.

    He's not the full quid.

    Talking to you is like pissin in the wind.
    you never listen to good advice

    Watch out for the Devil Dodgers.
    Jehovah's Witnesses

    She's had **** thrown at her through a fly-wire door.
    refers to a sheilah's freckles (not her freckle!!)

    Looks like something the chooks have been scratching in.
    It's untidy.

    Yo-yo knickers.
    Sleeps around.

    As thick as a wharfie's (or brickie's) sandwich.

    To talk to God on the big white telephone.
    to throw up (vomit)

    To park a tiger on the rug.
    to throw up (vomit)

    She's so fat, you'd have to roll her in flour to find the wet spot.
    Speaking on sex with a weight challenged woman

    She's so fat, you'd have to slap her in the guts and ride the waves in.
    Speaking on sex with a weight challenged woman

    In a battle of wits, he'd be completely unarmed!
    Not bright.

    If his brain was made of electricity, he'd be a walking blackout.
    Not bright.

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    Thicker than a 2 dollar watch without the workings.
    Not bright.

    She's wider than a choir-boy's *******.
    She's fat.

    Did you ride bareback?
    Did you use a condom or not?

    I wish his dad had settled for a blow job.
    Obvious insult.

    Couldn't score in a brothel.
    Bad footy player.

    Fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down.
    Bloody Ugly

    Jumped around like a flock of sparrows had flown out my arse.
    I was excited.

    Don't have a maggot pie from that pub!
    meat pie. (with low quality meat!)

    I hope your balls turn square and fester at the corners.
    I hope something horrible happens to you

    I'm having bum nuts for me breakie!
    bum nuts = eggs for breakfast

    What and your **** dont stink?
    Said to someone who think they are perfect.

    If I had a head like yours I'd circumcise it.
    Your an ugly and stupid person.

    Away with the pixies.
    daydreaming or senile

    Fat as a boarding house pudding.

    If I bought a kangaroo...It wouldn't hop!

    He's got more corrugations than a water tank.
    Lots of spare tyres- Rolls of fat.

    Like putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank.
    unwise decision

    She wears strap-ons.
    She's a Lesbian.

    One for the ***** of mine.
    One for the road.

    Got a face like it's been on fire and someone put it out with a Pick-Axe handle.
    Asthetically challenged lady.

    **** stabbin', jobby jabbin' doughnut puncher!!!
    Men with feminine qualities.

    I could bite the balls off a low flyin' pigeon.
    I'm very drunk!

    She's had more meat through her than an abbatoir.
    very sexually active

    He's got punters eyes
    One each way = crosseyed.

    To have a J. Arthur.
    J. Arthur Rank = wank = Masturbate

    Queer as a concrete parachute.
    Poof or lesbian

    Pushing **** uphill with a pointed stick.
    Not much chance

    Useful as genital worts on a ribbed condom.
    not very usefull

    Was yer father a glassmaker?
    Move! I can't see through you.

    Just let me wet me whistle.
    I need a drink

    Strike me bloody handsome!
    give me a break

    If brains were ****, you wouldnt have enough to fart.
    you're stupid

    You're a gunna.
    all talk and no action ie. gunna do this gunna do this & that but never does

    She's two bob short of a pound.
    A bit slow in the brain

    He's a sandwich short of a picnic.
    Not very intelligent

    I'm off to the dunny for a hammer & hit.
    I'm off to the toilet for a ****.

    I'm on the Al Capone.
    I'm on the phone.

    He has a head like a chewed mintie
    Ugly looking thing.

    If you can't run with the big dogs don't get off the porch.
    If you can't take the pressure, choose alternative course of action

    Busier than a blue-arsed blowfly.
    pretty darned busy.

    I'm going to throw on the nose-bag.
    Going to eat some lunch/food.

    Shut the Rory O'Moore.
    Close the door.

    Gunna char some mystery bags.
    cook some sausages on the barbecue

    Why don't you have a cup of shut the f**k up!!!
    I don't want to listen to you anymore.

    He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    a bit stupid

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    and the best one of all
    Mum's chucking a wobbley.
    she's upset
    so watch out ;)

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    LOOK OUT! :no:
    TT Original

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    my pen is a pistola.


    wow, some of those are hilarious!!! haha, i will have to start studyin up for when i come down to visit one day :D:D
    [space saving sig]
    AMD 0wn3z j00!
    [/space saving sig]

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    Here.....of course!


    Heehee, there are so many more..........

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    A mighty good collection.......I heard this one the other day for the first time

    "its so dry here, I saw two trees fighting over a dog"
    The older I get...the better I was

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    Some I have never heard and lots of common ones have been left out, so any new ones would be appreciated ;)

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