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Thread: I think I'm turning into a Mac guy?

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    Cool I think I'm turning into a Mac guy?

    Ok, so here at school I've been favoring the Mac machines we got over the Windows ones when i am just browsing the net or wasting time.

    I like them ONLY because the interface is "newer" and "cooler" and they have 24 or 27 inch monitors that go alone with them. The machines are a year old so they are fast and smooth too!

    Maybe i just like it because it's a change. When i go home everyday, i love my customized XP just as much though. But stock OS vs stock OS I think Mac is a more impressive first impression.

    Of course, the 15" monitors all the XP computers are on don't help.

    We have a lab also dedicated to testing out Vista. I tried it out, they have the Business edition loaded into them. I wasn't impressed. It felt like a bad clone of XP. Now, when i get Vista Ultimate on my 27" or 30" screen and new computer at home, when i finish in a few months, things will be different. Until then, Mac at school, MY XP at home.

    Otherwise i hate Mac. Firefox looks like poop in it, Word sucks, Safari sucks. The features are cool though. If i have four windows open i can cick the side of the mouse, and then BAM all four windows shrink and i can click which one i want. Pretty neat little window animations too when i minimize and maximize.

    XPXPXPXPXP i must keep saying....

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    Default Re: I think I'm turning into a Mac guy?

    Try playing some games on that Mac. Oh yeah, most are not compatible without emulators............
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    Default Re: I think I'm turning into a Mac guy?

    Macs have identical hardware and inferior software at a 10-200% premium. Not seeing the reason to love them. Try using a 24 inch monitor on XP and I'm sure you'll like it more. Try using Mac OSX on 512MB of RAM and then try XP, and see which you like more. Try using any number of products made for both Windows and Mac. Most non-Apple products designed for both work much better on Windows.

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