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Thread: Devices for detecting RFID chips???

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    Default Devices for detecting RFID chips???

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Hitachi develops RFID chip
    for bank notes, documents

    The new chip, just at 0.4 mm square, requires no external antenna

    September 02, 2003 (IDG News Service) -- Hitachi Ltd. has developed a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that requires no external antenna and makes possible the embedding of tracking and identification chips in bank notes, tickets and other paper products.

    Read entire article at:,84543,00.html
    OK, so does anyone know where you can buy a divice that detects both passive and active RFID Chips?

    I'd be interested in having one so I caould scan things and see if they contain these chips so I can locate them and disable them.
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    Default Re: Devices for detecting RFID chips???

    most of the ones that i've seen tend to have to large a facal area for you to be able to locate one on a bank note, you could tell that its got one and what its id is thou.

    you want to look at say swipe card readers for doors to find the kind of devices your after.

    you'll need ones that support rfid of course.

    or your could get 3 cisco wifi ap's and use them to triangulate your rfid devices (cisco demonstrated this technology to us at work)

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