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Thread: Beer

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    Question Beer

    Why is it that the first cold drink of beer is so incredibly delicious, and then after that it tastes so disgustingly bitter???

    I haven't tried any Samuel Adams - is it as good as the commercials (and awards) imply? Or is it just the same beer, just with better marketing?

    I'll grant you this - beers are very different. E.g. and *imho* Budweiser is distilled beer (like beer flavored water); Lowenbrau is the thickest; ******ss was once the best (for me - I lost my taste for it); and Coors is the best all 'round.

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    Cool Re: Beer

    Beer..... eww, try this!
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    Default Re: Beer

    the solution to that is to "shotgun" the can, by the time your taste buds have worked out its bitter, your brain is feeling the effect of the alcohol, thus you don't worry about it

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