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Thread: Where you got your nick...

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    that's a funny-looking RL..... I want one! :)

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    late 80s' - early 90s' = BBS/Old h4x0r name ;) = GiMP
    Command and Conquer = GeneralMP
    Then evolved to: GeneralmP for Half-Life/CS

    Everyone always skrews up my name though, people think "Imp" is somehow in my name, when it's an L... so I get General Imp or just Imp alot (like from doom ?). And Pimp... eh whatever. ;)

    I still use GiMP sometimes for boards and signing up for stuff but GeneralmP is my gaming name.

    MP btw are my initials.

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    I have no clue as to where my dad's came from, but mine is very self explanitory.
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    Mother's computer WIN XP, ect

    Life is hard;its harder when you're stupid--John Wayne

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