It is 2008 already, eh? Maybe that dasterdly Grand Theft Auto 3 CD will be destroyed tonight. Nyahahaha!

Greets fly out to All TT Members, To my Family, to Tropang Piatos and Tropang Chippy back in the Philippines (yeah guys I am teh one who left to Canada, if ya reading this, PM me for your emails!) and my closest friends (you know who you are, I am the Aguiluz!)

And, of course the anonymous Guests!

And to the only handful banned people, happy new year too.

Sure enough, I will greet the "evil" Spammers and Flamers too. Hope ya change your ways, we are all maties here, right?

Happy new year to these people too:

God - I dont know... But High, Great thanks for making ALL of these possible.
Christopher Paolini - Great storybook! I can't wait for Part 3! (see my sig)
Benjamin Heckerdon - Love your movies! "Adventure" was the best!
My Teachers - Thanks for teaching me a lot of things. Even though I was stubborn sometimes and often go the wrong way, you didn't give up on me.
My Friends - Thanks for a reason we will not broadcast. :)
Dr. Ashens - Great reviews of electronic crap. Highly entertaining and really make my day. (see my sig)

Mr. Tweak - Nice site, nice community!

Sierra Games & Krome Studios: THE LEGEND OF SPYRO WAS THE BEST! Worth every cent I paid for it.

Okay guys! Happy new year again! (Ooh, party party!)