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Thread: Synth?

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    And in the blue corner, weighing in at about 130 pounds... Synthia!

    Now keep it clean fellas. No hits below the belt, and remember this is a family show.....

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    Good to see ya back Synth. ;)

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    [EDIT by Admin: No need for stupid repetitive posts that are simply acheived by copy and paste...]

    Flame away
    Mess with the Best,
    Die like the Rest
    There are worse things than Death, and I can do them All.
    Backup has arrived
    Stupid people do stupid things, Smart people outsmart each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthetic
    *sigh* Slamo slamo slamo....i see you still have your head stuck right up that tight little ass of yours. Just because you have a prob with me, doesnt mean everyone else does..if u ask around, most ppl think u're a bit of a prick. And hey, the only reason you do have a prob with me was because of that incident between us a few months ago, and if i remember correctly (which i do), You were the one who was at fault, and it wasnt just me who was against you, it was the whole of TT. so how about you just take my advice and shut the hell up before you cause yourself even more embarrassment, and get into even more ****.
    oh...and get a life while you're at it;) can I respond to this?

    I could do it in two words, however I will say this.

    It saddens me that you refer to my arse as "tight" and "little". You say it in almost as much detail as would a poof talking to his boyfriend before they engage in an act of sexual pleasure. Please do not stalk me, I do wish to keep my arsehole virginity.

    I don't recall all of TT being against me. "All" is such a powerful word. Please don't use it unless it is in fact true.

    I have forgotten about the incident as has the rest of TT but if you want to dwell in the past, that is fine.

    And dude, please, don't pretend you have a girlfriend, it doesn't do anyone any good. Sniffing your mum's undies isn't classified as sex either so dude, maybe you should get a life.

    Nuff said I think.

    Now (more importantly) lets move onto issue number 2: Wiggo's hogging of the TT beer supply

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    To save the forum being filled up with useless BS, I'm locking this thread. ***** about each other on MSN.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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