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Thread: Post yer specs thread.

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    ummmm errrrr..... i'm saving up for a better car. :rolleyes2

    then i will get a good lappy and use it as part of my sound system :D
    TT Original

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kheldar

    Olie - you need to rob a bank or something
    my worst machine has high specs that this
    IBM Aptiva (so its all black, speakers mouse keyboard monitor box)
    P3 500
    512 Meg pc 133
    2 * 40 G seagate barracuda's
    geforce2mx 200
    3com 3c905c 10/100
    Mine too.. I'll soon have three, and the runt of the litter is:

    P3 700
    512MB PC-133
    20GB HDD
    Geforce2MX 32MB
    Netgear 10/100 NIC
    Creative DVD Drive
    Sony 52x CD Drive
    other stuff.

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    Well i dont exacly have a stable job, it is on and off, and then i still dont get much $
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    One day Olie, one day. ;)

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    Lian Li PC-60
    AMD Thunderbird 1466Mhz
    512mb Crucial RAM
    GeForce 3 Ti500 64mb
    SoundBlaster Live! Value
    3Com 905c NIC
    Promise Ultra 100 drive
    40GB 5400RPM Maxtor HD
    17GB 7200RPM Maxtor HD
    30GB 7200RPM IBM DTLA-307030 75GXP
    2x DVD Rom
    24/10/40 Lite-On CDRW
    100mb ZIP
    18" Sony SDM-81/B LCD

    Dell GX140
    P4 1.7GHz
    256MB Ram
    20GB 7200rpm WD
    24x CDROM
    ATI DVI Rage 128
    19" Optiquest

    PII 350Mhz
    8GB Quantum Bigfoot ATA
    192mb RAM
    Voodoo3 3000
    some crappy 2x cdrom
    17" Compaq Monitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Tweak

    Intel Pentium 4 2.2GHz at 2.86GHz (130 x 22)
    Epox 4G4A+
    768mb Crucial PC2700
    nVidia GeForce4 Ti4200 @ 4600 speeds
    80gb Seagate, 15gb and 60gb IBM drives
    32x Pioneer DVD drive
    16x/10x/40x Sony CDRW
    Sound Blaster Extigy
    Altec Lansing 641
    Sony 21" G520
    Microsoft Optical Mouse and Internet keyboard

    Is that some pre tested 2.2?? Ill give ya 50 cents if you can find one that will do 2.86 without a lot of trouble :D

    Anyway, i have a 1600+ @ anywhere from default to 1600Mhz + depending on what RAM im using :P
    Soltek 75DRV2
    256MB stick of Kingmax PC2100 CAS 2 crap :P
    256MB stick of Corsair XMS300 (haha i got it JUST before the super RAM price rise :cool: )
    Hercules GF3 Ti200 that can do about 245-250/525 :D
    Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB
    Liteon 40/12/48
    Samsung 16x DVD
    SB Live 5.1 DE
    17" POS monitor

    Mmmmm in the last school hols a friend went overseas and got me to look after his PC... He had a AGOIA 0206 9 1600+ that did about 2050Mhz with a vapochill and about 1975 with a swiftech MCX462! :flames:
    I want!

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    The one most used:
    1.4 T-Bird @ 1663
    OCZ Gladiator
    256 Mushkin PC2400
    EPoX 8K3A
    Gainward GF3
    2 x 7200RPM 40G WD
    Lite On CDRW 24/12/40
    Lite On 16X DVD
    SB Live Platinum 5.1
    Realteck 10/100 NIC
    Enermax 365W PSU
    Logitech optical mouse and KB
    19" Mag Innovision
    Lots of TLC :kay:
    Have you hugged a Midget today?

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    My Machine:

    Epox 8k3a Raid (ATA133)
    19" Flatscreen monitor 1600 x 1200 @ 75hz
    Full Tower Case
    Kingmax 256MB PC2100 DDR Ram
    1 x 60GB Maxtor 7200RPM ATA133 HDD
    2 x 60GB Seagate 7200RPM ATA100 HDD's
    2 x 40GB Seagate 5400RPM ATA100 HDD's
    Leadtek GF3
    Sound Blaster Live DE5.1
    2 x 250 watt PSU's
    Acer 40x16x10 Burner
    Running WinXP

    Server Machine:

    P-III 450
    Gigabyte M/B (unsure of model) think it is the GX-2000 or something
    256 meg PC133 Ram
    1 x 16GB ATA100 HDD
    ****ty 32 bit sound card
    Diamond Viper V770 Graphis card
    15" monitor
    Cool looking grey case
    Running Win2k Pro

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    :rolleyes: See my signature. :rolleyes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy

    Mine too.. I'll soon have three, and the runt of the litter is:
    I've got 5 :devil:

    but I've usually have more than that, every now and then the wife does a count and get very upset when she finds more PC's than I'm supposed to have

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