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Thread: your pet

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    Anyone is welcome at my place, not saying they leave that way

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    Al !!!!!
    I would have much preferred it without the enter on it, however I didnt want to push my luck with bro by asking him to get rid of it

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    Originally posted by Darthtanion
    [B]Actually, he's a huge coward. Won't even go outside because he's afraid. But the kitten, on the other hand, is possessed sometimes. She likes to play, and she's still too young to have declawed, so she plays with full claws. And instead of going for the hand when she gets riled up, she normally attacks at about elbow level. But she's a lot of fun to have around. She helps me make the bed every morning (which usually consists of sitting under the blankets until something moves close by... POUNCE). :)
    Having a cat de-clawed is bad. In order to remove the claw a good chunk of the finger has to also be removed. If you look at your own finger, consider sawing it off a little above where your nail ends. That's what they have to do to a cat.

    If a cat is de-clawed they should never go outside because they are unable to defend the selves.

    It was once thought that cats should be let outside for their health, but that has been proved false. It is actually healthier and better psychologically for a cat to be an indoor only pet. The outside is a nasty place.

    Cats that go out side usually live only about half as long and are not as playful/friendly as cats that live inside.

    If a cat is raised indoors it will never want to go outside.
    :thumbs do

    Oops, a little late in tha game.

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    Well, for all ya cat lovers that ain't real cat lovers, i mean as in
    lions and tigers and bears oh should consider if ya had a real cat of at least 125 to 180 pounds, what the ramafications
    would be for you if ya decided to declaw one that size........
    guaranteed it would be far less than pretty. Having owned 25
    cats ranging from Puma's to Cheetahs they are beautiful and best left with deadly claws as removing same f**ks up their total
    feline psychology and makes them look at you as the prey!!!!

    As soon as camera is up will send pic of my only pet ATM......
    an 8 month old reticulate python named Jewelry.....after his habbit
    of attaching himself to my neck/arm/leg, and they are far more
    interactive than house cats:laugh: :wave: :flames:
    Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you recall.

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    Interactive... ha! At this point I can't sleep unless there is a certain seven pound weight laying on my foot.

    Well, I guess that really isn't too interactive after all.

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    Default Re: your pet

    We have two Rottweilers......Katie and Nemo
    We didn't name Nemo, two ladies found him on the side of the street hence the name


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    Default Re: your pet

    i have 2 greyhound dogs and 3 cats that live under my bed
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