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Thread: Time to get my own back....

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    Beefy Guest


    Moose: Yoooo biatch
    Beefy: ....
    Moose: Thats riiiiiight duuuuuuuuude
    Beefy: oh, you're talkin to me?
    Moose: It's Mooooose, the meanest moose you have eeerrvr seern
    Moose: yer, im tilklin to you
    Moose: talkin
    Beefy: hehehe.. that's not real scary..
    Moose: tyyo uoui
    Moose: ht ea
    Moose: ****
    Beefy: u pissed?
    Moose: damb drunkness
    Beefy: heheh
    Moose: sif moose drinks
    * Moose does the beffy
    Beefy: hehehe
    Beefy: this'll make a good log on TT, you know that..
    Moose: BS, you wouldnyt do that to lilk pold moose
    Beefy: of course not...
    Moose: how is your live lofe?
    Beefy: good.. you?
    Moose: sexellent
    Beefy: that good? going out later?
    Moose: sif im in from now on trilll morning
    Moose: i heard teadk was gay
    Moose: beffy waht is u doin?
    *** [email protected] (Moose) has joined the conversation.
    Beefy: who's gay?
    Moose: you
    Moose: kik
    Moose: lol
    Moose: no one
    Moose: sif
    Beefy: sifnt
    Moose: I am ust dtrijmn
    Moose: drinkedn
    Moose: FUXZ |
    Moose: DRUNK
    Beefy: you're in fine form
    Beefy: so ya got yaself a wench yet?
    Moose: wench
    Moose: no
    Moose: but i have a gf
    Moose: have been togethe for nearlt a year
    Beefy: close enough.. well done
    Beefy: she didn't tell you about the other night then
    Moose: jus cause you acn oinly get a wench
    Moose: sif ytouy have a chance with her
    Moose: lol
    Moose: fat oat :D
    Beefy: speaking of oats.. and spreading them..
    Moose: lrofl
    Beefy: hello? you haven't passed out at the keyboard have ya?
    Beefy: you have..
    Moose: nole
    Moose: npe
    Moose: not yhet
    Moose: :P
    Beefy: did i wake you up?
    Beefy: what did you do tonight?
    Moose: nope
    Beefy: nope?
    Moose: I went out to my gfs place (noone else inehome) and got head and drunk
    Beefy: what were ya drinkin?
    Moose: sngei
    Moose: errr
    Moose: :P
    Moose: Crownies
    Moose: n Coopers
    Moose: mmm
    Beefy: that's it?
    Moose: n soeme Turkery
    Beefy: spit or swallow?
    Moose: swallow
    Moose: foath
    Beefy: foath?
    Moose: the whole damn lot
    Moose: foath = fckin oath
    Beefy: wow.. that's impressive..
    Beefy: ahh, ok
    Beefy: so what are ya doin online then?
    Moose: sobring up b4 gojn ebnd
    Moose: to ebd
    Moose: bed
    Beefy: just sleep it off....
    Moose: mneeeeh
    Moose: i need water to ease haingonver
    Moose: habgevr
    Moose: Fuyds
    Moose: HANGVER
    Moose: dfba
    Moose: meh
    Moose: HANGOVER
    Beefy: I GET THE POINT
    Moose: there
    Moose: wooy
    Moose: woot
    Beefy: heheh...
    Beefy: you do realise this is goin on tt?
    Moose: sif
    Moose: yu is a lier
    Beefy: would you like to place a bet on that?
    Moose: noe
    Moose: meh
    Moose: I'lll ove
    Moose: love
    Moose: l;ive
    Beefy: love
    Beefy: ...
    Moose: live u biabt
    Moose: buach
    Moose: biatch
    Beefy: anything ya wanna say to tweak?
    Moose: iloev hsi manly boidy
    Beefy: how much?
    Moose: *0000000000> much
    Moose: sif
    Moose: heneed s gymn woork
    Beefy: lol
    Beefy: how's the nose?
    Moose: sdo095re3
    Beefy: hehehe.. still typin with it?
    Moose: caqnt ty60pe4
    Beefy: really? i hadn't noticed
    Moose: wiytjh noe
    Beefy: anything else you would like to tell me, that you really shouldn't but you wanna?
    Moose: i will yuypur withj my fidckl
    Moose: dick
    Moose: jk
    Beefy: yuypur?
    Moose: i will type itewht my fdick
    Moose: biy wsd joke
    Moose: was joke
    Moose: wiggo is manyl
    Beefy: do ya think he's sexy?
    Moose: no
    Moose: to odl
    Moose: old
    Moose: oold man
    Beefy: so you'd go for him if he was younger?
    Moose: ?
    Moose: noe
    Moose: I ma noyt gay uihj
    Moose: uno
    Beefy: ok
    Moose: hjmmn
    Moose: I realyt shoild go to ned
    Moose: damn
    Moose: I got good head tonight
    Beefy: go to ned? u sure you're not gay?
    Moose: I neebed go tbned
    Beefy: Hey, i got a trick for ya...
    Moose: i typed a full sen tence without sa stuff iup if ic conentreate
    Beefy: well done... try this: Hit Alt + F4 and ya computer power button at the same time! it's great watching that when you're drunk
    *** Users currently in conversation:
    *** [email protected]
    Moose: huh?
    Beefy: try it
    *** Users currently in conversation:
    *** [email protected]
    Moose: try what?
    Beefy: no, that's not right
    *** [email protected] (Birdy) has joined the conversation.
    Beefy: it didn't work
    Moose: waht didnt

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    Beefy Guest


    Beefy: nothing
    Moose: mmk tyhen
    Beefy: so what else did ya do tonight?
    Beefy: ... he's passed out again
    Moose: rooted
    Moose: heh
    Moose: and watch a moveia
    Beefy: what was the movie?
    Moose: Ritchie tich or sometin
    Moose: head during that film
    Moose: woot
    Beefy: why didn't you stay there?
    Moose: i duhnt
    Moose: dunno
    Beefy: .. u dunno...
    Moose: I cant remember
    * Beefy smacks forehead
    Moose: oh
    Moose: her parants came home and they donyt habve a spate bed
    Moose: so i got dad to puick me uop
    Beefy: who needs a spare bed?
    Moose: ,e
    Moose: me
    Moose: ****ed layingon floor
    Beefy: .... what about her room?
    Birdy: sleep with her parents
    Beefy: that too
    Moose: alc
    Moose: nop
    Moose: you acn if touy want
    Beefy: what, sleep with her?
    Moose: her mum is old n fat
    Moose: no
    Moose: I sleep wither aimee
    Moose: buitthats all
    Moose: and her younger suseter thinks i hae a big dick
    Beefy: how would she know?
    Moose: apparetn she has been percing on em
    Moose: me
    Beefy: and she said that to ya?
    Moose: yeah
    Moose: we wwre ralkin abnotu it
    Moose: she is 14
    Moose: too young, i love her sisyter
    Moose: aimee
    Moose: nt the 14yo
    Beefy: aimee who?
    Moose: but she is hot, maybe youy can habe a go at her ;)
    Moose: not disclosing lats names
    Beefy: damn, you ain't that drunk
    Moose: druink doesnt mean total stupiodness
    Moose: lol
    Moose: u would no
    Beefy: nah, it comes naturally for you
    Moose: sif
    Beefy: good point. :)
    Moose: she is one hot litel babt, byu too young, maybe not for you rhtoiu
    Moose: I think ia m sobbreing up a bit
    Birdy: how old are you moose?
    Beefy: i think you are.. have a few more.
    Moose: 19
    Moose: okl
    Moose: bbs
    Birdy: if he knows he's age, hes too sober
    Beefy: random numbers again
    Beefy: i don't think he's comin back
    Moose: ok oim bacl now
    Beefy: guess who's back? back again?
    Moose: me?
    Beefy: sing it *****
    Birdy: lookout, beefys made you his *****
    Moose: shadysback
    Beefy: .....
    Moose: tell ad rfiend
    Beefy: well done
    Moose: yousing now
    Beefy: ok, before I post this, is there anything else you wanna tell us?
    Moose: noe
    Moose: sif yo will psost it thou
    Moose: yu be a big wussy
    Beefy: gimme 2 minutes and i'll give you a link
    Moose: hunnt bunny beffy ;)
    Beefy: mousey wousey
    Moose: eek
    Moose: i created a monsetr
    Beefy: no comment
    Moose: i heaed slogs is gay
    Beefy: did ya?
    Moose: he could be
    Beefy: ya think?
    Moose: he acts like it someitmes
    Moose: I tink him and tweak couild be
    Moose: i reckoin slamo has kissed a guy bvefore
    Beefy: really?
    Moose: he seems al itte, that way at times
    Beefy: you sure can pick em. any one else?
    Moose: nah
    Moose: bnot really
    Moose: but i think K and ws are cool, they hleopd me when i was in trouble wonce
    Moose: tweak odoenst like me nemore thou
    Beefy: trouble? herpes back again?
    Moose: sif
    Moose: I dont think tweak like me anymore thiu
    Beefy: why not?
    Moose: he doesnt invite me out anymore
    Beefy: :(
    Beefy: he doesn't invite me out either...
    Moose: sif you
    Birdy: or me
    Moose: lol
    Moose: we use to go out a bit
    Moose: but notne more
    Beefy: date? dinner?
    Moose: ..drink
    Beefy: movie? Ritchie Rich? :)
    Moose: sif
    Moose: that was a shti movei
    Beefy: you actually paid attention?
    Moose: mc kauily culkin or hjwvever you spell if gfaggot name
    Moose: such a dick
    Beefy: so you weren't watching the movie then.. ;)
    Moose: sif
    Beefy: sifnt
    Birdy: seaf
    Moose: I was waftching the hair on mt stomaxchj
    Moose: lol
    Beefy: exactly..
    Moose: hmn
    Moose: (&)
    Beefy: (@)
    Birdy: (santa)
    Beefy: gotta love trillian
    Moose: moose gets - (@)
    beefy gets (&)
    Moose: :P
    Beefy: :) not bad...
    Beefy: you :P the (@)...
    Moose: arrg!
    Moose: fick that
    Moose: i did that once
    Moose: neber aghain
    Beefy: this is getting more interesting by the second...
    Beefy: aimee?
    Moose: not a afn og john west
    Moose: lol
    Beefy: lol
    Moose: but she loves givinng me head
    Moose: woo
    Beefy: so it was her?
    Moose: yer
    Moose: and somone else ager ago
    Moose: ack
    Moose: sick
    Moose: meh
    Beefy: you said you did it once.... ?!?
    Moose: or twice
    Beefy: you're getting sober again
    Moose: i think so
    Beefy: .. better get some rest
    Moose: beendirnkin a bit of water
    Beefy: that usually helps
    Moose: i dont get birdy
    Moose: is he gay?
    Moose: he seems....strange
    Beefy: he likes to watch
    Birdy: lol
    Moose: lol
    Beefy: see?
    Beefy: :)
    Moose: wahtr does birdy do
    Beefy: watches
    Moose: and how old ois he
    Birdy: i tease you all the time ,dont you remember
    Beefy: why don't you ask him?
    Moose: Birdy: How old are you
    Moose: sifd tease me
    Moose: you can not tease me, my life exceeds your levels of life
    Moose: oh my
    Moose: soberer talk
    Beefy: damn.. you are sober
    Beefy: I was just thinkin that
    Moose: Me?, sober, I would never do such a think, I do not have the interlectual ability to do such a thing
    Moose: I am innocent, I swear
    Beefy: that's what i'm worried about.. :) you say you are innocent, so you can lie again.. so you're sober
    Beefy: god damn it
    Moose: lol
    Beefy: that should be enough for TT
    Birdy: more than enough
    Moose: How could I lie to Beffy, you are such a respectable person….
    Moose: lol
    Beefy: *cough BS cough*
    Birdy: respectable, hah.... oh you said beefy
    Moose: Sorry Beffs
    Beefy: tis ok mousey
    Moose: As for birdy, I think he is gay, or, sexually challenged
    Birdy: humanly challenged
    Moose: lol
    Beefy: agreed
    Beefy: ok, posting now...


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    Deney everything, trust nobody!

    (edit: correct spelling....beffy :devil: )
    Quick!!….Pack your bags!!…

    The Elephants are coming!!…

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    :no: :no: well really tch tch :laugh:

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    New England Highlands, Australia


    Hey! There exactly the same drunken conversations that I have with him on occassions. :eek:

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    TT Original

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    :laugh: :laugh:
    New Sig soon, old one was way outdated.


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    LOL...thats funny....:laugh:
    - Damien

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    The moral of this thread is..................drink and don't post or if you do make it funny

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    Deny, deny, deny!!!!

    New Sig soon, old one was way outdated.


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