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Thread: Tweaker Hate #11 .. Give it a go - easy peasy - everyone sa

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    Once upon a time I had a well set up machine with Win98 (de-interneted) for games, with the latest Direct X, Detonator drivers etc etc. On the other partition was my much updated and massaged copy of Lycoris Linux. A very solid system covering all capabilities and with a rock solid firewall.

    The problems started when a mate gave me the 3CDís with downloaded ISOís for Mandrake 9.0.

    Iíll give it a go....wonít take long....easy peasy.....everyone says so......

    Steps taken

    1. Copied all the necessary downloads etc from the Lycoris partition to the Win98 partition so I could get them back when I installed MDK 9.
    2. Started MDK 9 from the first CD and removed the Lycoris partitions and proceeded with the normal install of MDK 9.
    3. All went well till I tried to access the net....bloody suspect Swann modem (designed for WinXP but wonít work with it.....thatís another story) just sat there squawking but not hand shaking with my ISP---Iprimus
    4. I know.....must have mucked up the MDK 9 install and firewall setup.......Iíll reinstall
    5. Same again....modem just sat there squawking but no connection....hmmmmm
    6. Reinstall number 3 just to make sure......same again.....bloody must be the stinking modem with some incompatibility with MDK.....(after all it is designed for WinXP but wonít work with that)
    7. I know....Iíll reinstall Lycoris and F%^& Mandrake
    8. Start MDK setup and removed the partitions
    9. Installed Lycoris......tried to connect.....same bloody thing....hmmmmm... by this time (many red wines later) I persistent Oldbugger....tried the dial up repeatedly and hey presto....connection....but cannot do surfing mail....BLOODY SH%& MODEM....Iíll get a new one tomorrow morning (at this stage it was past midnight) ...have another red
    10. Iíll prepare myself and reinstall Mandrake ..ready for the new modem tomorrow
    11. Install goes OK and I try (in vain I thought) to works.....
    12. Download the latest security updates using Mandrake Update...fine then it clags again...BLOODY MODEM....goes to bed at 3am
    13. Gets up at 5.30....try it again just once go still stuffed ....BLOODY MODEM...
    14. Goes to work
    15. Just on the off chance..I ring my son and he tells me he had connection troubles with Ipimus last night too......haha...
    16. I ring Iprimus and yes they had server trouble the night before........
    17. Iíll still get new modem anyway...hate the Swann (made for Win XP but doesnít work with it) Modem
    18. Picks up a new modem, a Dynalink external, after work and heads home to ďjust plug it inĒ and get working again.
    19. Bloody new modem wonít initialise at all....MDK must be set up for the bloody Swann modem
    20. Reinstall Mandrake again .........thisíll hell
    21. Try to connect and......................wonít initialise the modem.....SH&$
    22. Hmmmmm what to do.....I know Iíll try to get it working in Windows ...just to see
    23. Have to install dial-up-networking on the de-interneted Win98 first
    24. Unrecoverable CD error....big scratch on the CD.....hmmmmm
    25. Try another reinstall of MDK just to be was didnít work..
    26. Iíll hate myself in the morning I tells myself but Iíll install WinXP just to see if the modem is OK
    27. Start to install XP and have huge second thoughts about being so unfaithful and weak..........
    28. Kill the WinXP install just after it started ..........or so I thought
    29. Unplug the new modem and put the old one back on and reinstall Mandrake... nogo wonít access anything
    30. Iíll remove the firewall (not just turn it off) and see what works and I can connect (Good old Swann Modem)............
    31. BUT Mandrake update wonít access any of its mirrors now........hell
    32. Too many red wines....I decide to remove RPMDrake..........gone before I realised what I had done.....oh well another install wonít hurt.....have another red........
    33. Tries to boot into what I still though was Win98 just to make sure it is OK
    34. No go it tries to load up WinXP....??????most confusing.....I killed the XP install really early in the piece...(but just after it rebooted before it starts to copy the files.....S*&$ its changed the MBR)
    35. Polishes the Win98 CD to lessen the scratch and tries to reinstall Win98
    36. Goes all the way but the WinXP MBR wonít let Win98 write the MBR for itself.......Double SH$#
    37. Goes to bed at 2.30
    38. Gets up at 5.30 again
    39. Boots from a floopy and formats the Windows partition.....reinstall Win98 OK
    40. Now to add the drivers etc etc....all OK
    41. Now to reinstall Mandrake.....**** its time to go to work......F*&$

    to be continued...........
    The older I get...the better I was

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    here's an idea!
    Next install of what ever OS you make a ghost image
    It's still a pain to resetup etc, but not a F#%@*&G pain :p
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    bad luck :(...

    i could laugh... but i've been in a similar situation as you before, so i won't :\

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    New England Highlands, Australia


    Don't ya just love these things that deprive us of sleep? :devil:

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    You are not going to believe this.....everything went perfectly this afternoon like it bloody should have in the first place....have a laugh cause I am ....this has go to be one of my better efforts..

    It just goes to show...I had a perception about the modem and come hell or high water it was going to be a modem problem even though it wasn't....

    ...we treat some people and religions the same

    Good old Swann Modem...

    [Oldbugger dragged away laughing hysterically]: :laugh:
    The older I get...the better I was

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