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Thread: Forumtopia... join the cause!

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    It's quite apparent.
    The one recurring theme in each post within this thread is genuine care for the forum here.

    Wiggo summed it up nicely when he talked about the "knee-jerk reaction". I think what is called for is some serious moderation not drastic action.

    Folks come here for a lot of reasons, but it is an extremely small percentage 0.01% or less that come here for the wrong reason.
    I reckon most here could name those few readily.

    I would consider it sad indeed to think that we are so far off track that we can't steer back to the road. If we have to call a tow-truck it might be time for the scrap-yard:(

    I can understand those old-timers that have a fondness for the good 'ol days. But TweakTown was never a static display and if it becomes one then it has outlived it's usefulness.

    This forum is not broken. For the year+ that I have frequented this forum there was a status-quo that has not changed nor should it.

    From time to time there will be unsavory characters that are drawn to the lights of town. When that happens you don't burn down the town, you address the issues with the rogues.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy
    thoric, the one problem with the question of "which cpu is best?" and one like that, is that people have different needs, budgets and ask at different times of the year, and as we all know, with computers, components constantly get superseeded.
    true, but i think maybe we can isolate these kind of questions in a new forum...

    i said early on in this thread that all these 'which cpu is best' kinda questions, should be moved to a forum...or they could be more suggested to post in the 'what can i buy' section instead of the other forums, where they ask the same thing.

    i agree people have different needs, things go out of date etc, but at i think it could be controlled a bit better, leaving the other forums for help/comments/questions etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [size=6
    Mr. C[/size]]

    Wiggo summed it up nicely when he talked about the "knee-jerk reaction". I think what is called for is some serious moderation not drastic action.

    That is mine and most others most serious gripe atm and the one that has caused the biggest problem here.
    There are mods listed here but I rarely see them and with the **** that's been goin' on in my life these past 18 months (and especially the last 2) I havn't had much time for the BG and spendin' a lot of time at hospitals and doctors is something that I don't relish.

    Anyhow my youngest son has just now (well 1.5hrs ago when I started this reply) been run over and taken to hospital and I've sent Kay with him in case she takes a turn as well while I man the fort here with the other 3 kids. So just whatever you'se decide just make sure I know well before it happens.

    Now I'm off to see how my son is.

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    Ok deleted previous message.

    Anyway, been talking to wiggo and here's an update:

    "ok my son seems ok but they're waitin' on ct scans for internal injuries but they have givin' him some morphene and he is sleepin' comfortably atm"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo

    That is mine and most others most serious gripe atm and the one that has caused the biggest problem here.
    There are mods listed here but I rarely see them and with the **** that's been goin' on in my life these past 18 months (and especially the last 2) I havn't had much time...
    The moderators listed and who are rarely seen are like myself, having been frustrated by the volume of, for the lack of better wording - crap - they have to search through to find a thread with substance, have up and left the forums for months at a time. This is true for myself, Kheldar (busy with other sites), GrimReaper, Osiris, sKuLLsHoT (most times) - these guys are all hardcore forum users who seemed to dissapear in dribs and drabs after the last server loss - beginning again seemed futile after 2 losses within a relatively short-lived period, and the spam continued at a colossal rate after the server was fixed - but the decent posts did not.

    I agree with many points made regarding many of the issues around this, but I disagree with darth's point of people not being satisified - I was, and still would be, as would many others who are participating in this thread, if the forums outside of the beer-garden had been kept clean, unfortunately too many of the moderators packed up and left, causing the problem to only get worse.

    The removal of the post counts for the BG threads has more than one advantage - while not only getting rid of users who feel that their post counts are their lives, post counts now show what a medal system would in many cases, how much a user contributes to technical minded conversation, helping out and asking questions, and seperates those who assist from those who spam.

    An idea might be thus,

    Beer garden post counts in some way accrue different "Count" than other posts, say an "Off Topic Post Count" counter, then a seperate "post count" or star system for the other forums, allowing users to see who actually helps (by their stars), and who in effect posts to post - 4000 O-T posts and no stars and 10 "posts" show a steady BG member, who in their own right can "compete" for O-T post count if they feel so inclined, and those who spam after warning in other forums have their count detracted by 50 posts per spam post in other forums -

    a user such as darth with say 1200 posts, 50 O-T posts, and say a 7 star rating would indicate a dedicated helper and contributor in technical discussion...

    of course this may not be possible due to technical issues with setting up seperate counts in the forum software, but the principle is there.

    [edit] hope your son is ok wiggo, sounds like a bad run you're having there :(
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    I once suggested something very similar when the BG Games section posts did not count anymore. I proposed that the users post count in the technical part of the forums should be like it is. Then have a number in () that indicates how many posts in the BG. Didn't really go over too well though.
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    Hi All,

    Some of the newer members may not recognise me, but I used to write technical articles for the site until I had a personal falling-out with the higher-ups here. I hate to disappoint those egging me on chat to say something inflammatory, but I'm not. Well nothing personal anyway.

    When I decided to quit writing for TweakTown (which may I add was never a paid job - just writing whenever study wasn't in the way), I talked extensively to Darth, and he said that I should stay in the technical forums to help out. Well that didn't last too long - I started noticing a gradual degrading of the standards of these once proud forums. The final catalyst was ever-increasing study pressures, which caused me to virtually disappear from the Internet world altogether.

    Now contrary to what some people may think, I still maintain links with many people who frequented the TT Forums of old (you know who you are). Your kind words of support after I left were much appreciated, and let me know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for me (in technical writing anyway).

    So what about the problem at hand now? Well I agree 110% with the guys from Warrnambool in this issue - I don't need to reiterate their comments. It seems many of the bright lights of the TT Forums have died out long ago, never to be seen again. And in the "Good Old Days", even a posting spree was humorous - not anymore, just plain old spamming.

    Watching the fallout (for want of a better word) since I left has given me the increasing confidence that my decision to leave was right. I have since had numerous offers to write at other sites (they contacted me personally), but I have declined due to study commitments. So what am I looking for in a site?

    (1) Honesty and integrity. I will not give an advertiser favourable reviews because of the fact they are a sponsor - if the product sucks, I say so! Honesty has got people such as Thomas Pabst up to the pinnacle of the industry, he has never relied on cheap journalism to get page hits.

    (2) Great forum members. The TT Forums of old were fantastic, especially in the pre-Beer Garden days - the Off Topic forum was just that, Off Topic. All the other forums had wonderful people helping each other out, exchanging ideas and so forth. Don't get me wrong, I believe those people still exist in the TT community, but are increasingly dwarfed by the crap that spammers persist in posting (no names mentioned)

    (3) Reliability. Whilst there is always a juggling act between profits and services, a professionally designed site is only half the story. You cannot expect to get favourable comments from new viewers if their first experience is site congestion.

    So there - I have let the bee out of my bonnet. Feel free to agree or disagree as you wish, but my support is firmly behind the Forumtopia guys. The TT Forums have introduced me to a great number of great people, but the spark has gone out. Oh - and if anyone knows a site that meets the above criteria, let me know.

    Peace out : peace:
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    it seems like a popular opinion is that mods need to cut down on the number of off topic threads/posts in the technical forums - I am all in favour of that....but is that the policy of the TT forum? I know that it was at one time, but the measure of the success of this forum now seems to be the volume of both members and posts rather than quality of the discussions - at least that's been my impression.

    this is not intended to be a cheap shot at anyone - but the personality of the forums has changed for better or worse - and the majority of the newer members either seem to enjoy it or just don't know any better

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    I am one of those newer members that you speak of...and yes I do like the look and feel of TT. It's extreamly unique in the tech forum arena.

    Not only are you able to browse an abundant technical area and find answers to problems that you have, read enlightening, educational reviews and guides, ask a stupid question and have the likes of Wiggo, PersianImmorta, Mr C or Beefy help you out... but...

    There is an area that you can go, exchange ideas, laugh, cry or post an opinion of a world event with an international group of people that seem to care.

    I see that most of the older folks are not proud of that fact, and sorry that the old days are gone...I feel sad for you then.

    You have developed an incredible oasis in the electronic desert. I for one applaude you and thank you guys for making it possible.

    Post counts don't mean's the quality of posts and reply's. I for one can tell the difference between the spammers and the true TT members no matter what the post count reads.

    An example I will use is a problem with my Vid Card that I have had for quite a while. I have posted at the Via Arean, the MSI Arena and a couple of other tech sites.. All I got back was tech talk gibberish about the EndlessLoop problem with WinXP. No real help or substance for an above average comp user. I'm not an overclocker and I don't quite get it when you tell me I have to go in and change blah blah blah voltage, gain, slider et all... But between Wiggo, Persian Immortal and Mr C I actually took a big step towards fixing the problem in the Via forum.

    Isn't that what TT is for?

    Maybe I missed something.

    I'm sorry you all feel that TT has gone downhill...I think you really have something to be proud of here.

    There may be a need for some housekeeping but for the most part you guys have a fantastic community here.

    Not that you asked for it.. but there's my two cents worth.

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    First and foremost I would like to express my concern for Wiggo's son. I hope he's doing well and will be good as new soonest.
    Your family has had a miserable season lately, one which I hope will reach it's conclusion with this unfortunate event.
    Keep a close eye on Kay as well, this stress has got to immense and certainly has the potential to be harmful to her already weakened condition.
    Godspeed to you Wiggos!

    Was that post off topic?
    You bet your arse it was!
    Wiggo has been by far the most actively contributing member of this forum, both technical and otherwise for some time.
    Honestly, I care about the guy. His wife and kids and his sister too.

    I'd never know who any of these folks were if it weren't for this forum. During the time I have been priveledged to be a member of this community I have encountered some good folks. Folks that I have come to like and consider to be worthy members of this forum.
    Undoubtedly this forum exists primarily as a technical format. No arguement from me on that. At the same time that has co-existed with another aspect of this community in a peaceful manner for quite some time. Certainly for longer than I have frequented these threads.
    Why should it be necessary to spray the entire garden with gasoline just because of a few noxious weeds?!?!?

    This forum can certainly serve as a help-line to those in need of technical knowledge. Just as importantly it is also a place where comeraderie exists.
    We have certainly cared for each others computers and supported each others computing tasks for quite some time.
    It is just as true that we have developed genuine care for each other as individuals as well in many cases. We have always provided support to members who were on hard times, a quick 'attaboy to those who were doing well, a quick Birthday wish, and a good deal of well-intended humor in between.
    Oh yeah, there's been a good deal of political discussion as well. Sometimes it's nice to have the opinions of those from other parts of the world these days when it seems the planet is about to blow up in our face. Not a bad thing, and at times I have been truly enlightened by these threads.

    For me it's not about a computer generated tally of the # of posts a member has made. I keep my own personal score on such matters --- and I assure you there are a few members here who primarily are Beer Garden posters that rate pretty doggone high with me.
    To alienate those members is to serve no good purpose. In fact, it will only serve to change the landscape here in a detrimental manner.
    For TweakTown to suddenly say, "you aren't a valid member" to those people is a cruel slap in the face. These folks are caring members of this community with a genuine heart-felt fondness for TweakTown and it's members.

    That is what makes this forum more than a help-line. It turns it into a people place. When you post here you don't recieve a computer-generated-monotone response. What you get is a reply from a real person. A person who has taken the time from their busy schedule to reply to you on a personal level.
    Whether your concern is, "my CD-ROM doesn't work" or "these ragheads are outt'a their mind", you get a real person on the other end. That is what makes the TweakTown forum a good place to frequent, it has personality.

    I have always tried to be a contributing member of this community since I first stumbled through the door. At times I think I have offered valid linkage and technical type response. I have always considered these posts to be on a personal level. I am not a bot, I'm just a guy that gives a damn and truly desires to someday give as much back to this community as I have recieved.

    There are certainly times when I have had little to offer in regards to technical questions/opinions of other members.
    During these horrid lapses of my technical prowess I have always felt welcome to browse around and learn from others or head out to the garden and get a chuckle.
    There again, I have always aspired to give as good as I recieve.

    TweakTown has never been for me a monochrome display. It has always been a colorful picture. A picture shaded in bright tones by real people who really care. They care about my computer and they care about my cat and my car. Just like real friends do --- 'cause by God they are real friends to me.

    If you remove the people aspect from TweakTown you reduce it to a shallow pool to draw water from, your bucket kind'a justs rests on the bottom and never gets quite as full as it should.
    I've always had my bucket filled to capacity by a visit to the TweakTown forum and yesterday I come here and find someone has knocked a hole in my bucket.
    I'm not getting filled up properly, that's sad.
    From time to time when you dip your bucket a "dead tadpole" comes in with the good water. Simple fact of the matter is, you don't drain the pond, you just pluck the tadpole out of the bucket. Simple!

    Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say here?
    'Cause I can probably think of more ways to say it until I get through to somebody.

    TweakTown does work! It always has had short-lived periods of individuals acting out of line. This crap has always leveled-out. Lets be patient, responsible members of this forum and provide guidance to the members along with good examples of proper community spirit.

    This forum is about computing - It is populated by real people!

    Please let the people stay.
    My computer is the reason I came here the first time. The people I encountered here is the reason I came back.

    Sound off folks! Leaving the forum does nothing constructive for TweakTown. TweakTown is about the free exchange of information/opinion, nothing is exchanged by leaving.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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