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Thread: This is quite sad......

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    Well......this is quite disterbing. So far this past week there have been some major fighting between kids at my school. And today after school a bunch of kids got in a fight by a plaza right next to my school. One kid that gets good grades and plays running back on my school's football team was stabbed in the chest and died several hours later.

    His friends took him in his car and rushed him to the hospital but returned to the scene when they saw the cops there.

    To think I used to know this kid. And now he's dead not that I was necessarily friends with him. A life is a life you know?

    I mean that is pretty messed up how I go to school to get an education and something like this happens. Its a good thing I don't start **** with people but the fact that this happened in the first place. I'll try to get a link when they release it on the news stations website. But that's unavailable at the moment. I'm sure it will be though.

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    Sadly this poor world gets sicker every year. :cry:

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    Ya most definitly. But he was just a kid. Considering I'll be 18 in january it is entirely possible that this kid is younger them me.

    Not much inforation in the article but mroe then I gave.

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    yes, it's getting sadder every day. Nothing much we can do about it tho.

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    The world we used to know is getting way out of control.
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    A sad comment on society indeed.

    ReSpawn I'm sorry for your loss. I know you said you were not friends with this guy but it's a shock to experience a crime of this magnitude.

    Your article said they had suspects in custody. I hope it throws some light on the reasons for this tradgedy.

    But it's all just so sensless...

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    God I know that area ohhh so well... Its a shame that kids are killing kids and that todays youth have so much violence built up inside them that not only do they take others lives they pretty much take their own lives as well. If busted they stand big chance of going to the chair or either spending the rest of their lives in jail. This is why I pretty much moved outta the hollywood/fort lauderdale area.
    You know it has gone way far when "they" consider spanking your child as child abuse!! This is the main cause of children getting way outta hand!! The children are taking it to advantage and running wild!! Its a shame!! When I was growning up we handled our battles with our hands maybe in some cases picking up a stick... but todays youth there is no hands its weapons weather knives or guns!!

    Today its hard to avoid trouble.... trouble usually finds you no matter what... you can be innocent but hang with the wrong croud and be jumped just for that reason!!

    All I know is its a shame!!

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    Oh this is so true........when I drove to school this morning you saw media all over the place outside of the school. ALmost everywhere you looked in side the school you saw groups of police officers and security guards and sherrifs and detectives and media personel. ALL OVER THE PLACE!. I mean they had guns and bullit proof vests the whole bit.

    in fact today we have gotten some updated information on the stabbing it turns out it was either some kind of big knife or an ice pick. ANd it was jabbed upward under his ribcage. :(

    The real sad thing murder weapon can be found and the murderer is being released from juvi in 21 days.

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