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Thread: CD-Roms, DVD Drives a health hazard, researcher claims

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    in The Age today, december 10th 2002, swedish researchers reckon that the fastest CD drives (ie 48x, 50x, 52 etc) and the DVD drives (12x, 16x) can shatter discs, sending out

    "knife-like shrapnel at near the speed of sound, causing injury and damaging equipment. Experiments have shown the sprapnel is capable of tearing up holes in the roof and cracking aluminium sheet"

    it was a very interesting read, but the weird thing is the researcher interviewed, Jorgan Stadje, said: "CD-ROMs could be hazardous to your health, and DVDs even more so"

    how could they think DVDs are more of a hazard, when they a less than a third of the speed that CDs read at.

    "CDs and DVDs have their performance rated by multiplying from a base speed". im not sure if the DVD's base speed is 3x higher than the CD's.

    Here's the clincher. For safety reasons, Jorgan Stadje has suggested this:

    "Owners of PCs and digital video equipment should sit at least five meters from their equipment" :laugh:
    "He also urges users to consider wearing protective goggles and clothing possibly made from kevlar"

    the article is all very relavant, but i think the last safety bit is totally outrageous and unworkable.

    screens would need to be projectors, keyboard/mouse extensions...etc

    have a read of the article, very intersting
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    I think the last bit about safety clearly marks it out as a hoax, and you, in posting this thred, have been taken along for the ride..

    *points and laughs*

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    OMG what next.... you wont be able to use the toilet without wearing a seat belt.... cuz the flushing of the toilet could suck you in!! Lmao!!

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    This is true. The safety recomendation is possibly a bit overboard though. I can't find the review at the moment, but I recently read one on a new drive (I think it might have been a Plextor) that is capable of 48x, but the default is 40x because of this. The drive is also supposed to have a reinforced bezel to contain shrapnel if a disk desintegrates. Appearently, some disks are not balanced very well and vibrate to destruction at high speed. And yes, dvd and cd "x" values are based on different transfer rates.

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    I've seen pictures of such unfortunate disc failures around the net.

    I'm thinking of transferring all my data on CD to tape:laugh:

    why don't they just make the discs out of kevlar:?:
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    All i got is one word ...LMAO...

    No wait that four abbreviation..i got one abbreviation for him...LMAO

    FIVE METERS!!!!lol
    - Damien

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    Usually the "shattering" effect is caused by cracking around the center of the CD usually brought on by bad CD cases. The slot loading drives would be the only ones that I be concerned over anyway. ;)

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    OOO I have seen pics of this the one i do recall was with some employee playing games and so on when his CD drive door exploded off. and as i recall the cd was some MIG fighting game the company sent him a new cd :laugh:

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