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Thread: One CRAZY ass Aussie playing with death!

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    Hmmmmmmmmm talking of Beefy I havent seen him in here for a while maybe if I ressurected a certain thread I might lure him back:flames:

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    Hmmm, It's been a fair while since I've posted in the BG :)

    My story of deadly creatures...

    Every christmas we usually go down to my grandparents place on the farm for a holiday. I always love to go shooting, fishing, bike riding, etc etc while down there. Well one day I went fishing with Pa, and we were walking along the fence line, on the side closest to the river and he was walking infront of me. Next minute I felt something squishy under my rubber boot...I look down to see the color and body of a tiger snake under under my foot! Oh **** did I run...jumped about 2 foot in the air...he thought i was racing him to the fishing hole till I told him wtf happened...he went back to look for it, on that side of the fence! LOL...he couldn't find it the next couple of day's we'd go down and see if we could find it (both with double barrell shotguns)...we eventually found it...

    I'm just bloody surprised that it didn't strike up and bite me...he must've stepped right over the snake, and it was startled by him/her and started going down its thats probably why it couldn't strike me, coz it was half way down its hole...

    damn snakes...
    At the request of wiggo ;)

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