Could it be possible that Farretts have nine lives as cats do?

My little creatures (my farretts) Momma and Bigfoot rank high in my life, not as high as my children but just about right with them. They pretty much have free roam of the house and most often like to hide around my house in draws and under the couch. Yesterday God how I thought my little family was going to be one less.... when momma desided to go behind my fish tank..... seeing that for some reason she knows how to get in but not out.... she managed to get her head cought between the wall and the fish tank... as always I start my room to room search to make sure they are not up to no good.. (stealing things and hiding them on me... hince wallet full of cash that I thought I lost and found a month later) Momma she usually comes when I call her but not this time.... I have a 55 gallon fish tank in my back room but since that door is hardly ever open I didnt think to look in there... but remembering earlier that I had gone in to feed the fish so I desided to look there... when I looked down I seen her head sticking alittle ways out.... so I pulled open the doors and seen that she was stuck.... Never did I know that I had as much power to pull the fish tank full of 55 gallons of water out... but i did... Momma was hardly breathing and her little legs were hard... I let out the scream of my life time I thought she was dead!!! My husband running to see what the hell had happened seen her and grabbed her away from me.... her head all swollen up my god I was in a billion tears!! I thought she was dead, I was grabbing for the keys and ready to rush off to the vet... but my husband refused and said she will be fine.... "his words :: the vet bill will be to much money, we could buy 2 more for the price of the bill:: what an ass I thought! But didnt want to argue with him.... I stayed up all night last night watching her to make sure she was still breathing.... rubbing her legs to get the feeling back in them... giving her mountain dew (her fav soda) and just hoping that she would be ok!! Today she is feeling a little better... I took some of her dry cat food and watered it down and fed it to her... little amounts at a time.

Her neck is still raw and sore and right now all she wants to do is sleep....

Somehow I am starting to believe that they too have nine lives... when she was just a baby my husband closed her foot in the door... she let out a scream I never knew she could make!
She got somehow under my washing machine if I didnt find her when I did she would of died then too.
She got ahold of a frog and it poisoned her...
One time I thought she got outside and I was running around my neiborhood screaming and a crying out her name.... neibors thought i was crazy ... hince the name momma!!
and now this if I would of found her when I did she would of been dead!!

Farretts are alot of fun... They are always active as a kitten but unlike a kitten when grown dont play as much with farretts they are as active when born as to the day they die... they are great little creatures!!
The have there own little personalities: Momma more serious Bigfoot is the mischif... (the one who stole my wallet)
Threw out this all bigfoot stayed with her the whole time... how he got in there is beyond me he is 3 times the size of her!!