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Thread: The Space Shuttle Burnt Up!!!

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    American entered space 42 years ago, when Alan Shepard Jr. Blasted off for a suborbital ride in 1961. John Glenn orbited Earth a year later, and in 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first steps on the moon. America has been in space ever since !! Along the way, there were missteps... and tragedies!! Apollo 1, Challenger, and now Columbia.

    January 27, 1967 Apollo 1 : a fire sweeps teh Apollo 1 during a ground test @ Kennedy Space Center.

    January 28, 1986 Challenger: Shuttle explodes 73 seconds after launch!

    and now: The Columbia.... February 1, 2003

    Watching the news yesterday I was heart broken when I first learned they had lost comunications with the Columbia.. I knew right then that something had happened!! Then the pictures apeared on the news... and the tears then appeared. It was over!!

    But like everything else, it is a piece of equiptment.... these things can happen!!

    "If we die, we want people to accept it. We're in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us, it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life" Apollo 1 Astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom...

    I have to say NASA is not doing a bad job!! It is a risky business... its a shame we have to suffer loss! But in 42 years time... and with great time passing.... 19 years between Apollo 1 and Challenger and 17 years from Challenger and the Columbia.

    I remember the Challenger devastation so vividly... They were having difficulties which lead to the shuttle delaying departure for days.... living in Florida I have been to the space center and watched sever lift offs.... I was there the day the shuttle was canceled for take off. Disappointed we headed back home to Fort Lauderdale. When the shuttle finally took off I was in school... when over the intercom they annouced the challengers crash. I was deeply effected in school but thought OMG what if I was there....

    It surely is a shame!! But we do have to go on... We have people in the space station that are going to need us there!! The News stated that they can survive up there for about a year!!

    And its a shame.... that heartless people can do a victory dance and celebrate someones elses tragady!! Just goes to show ya!! what type of people they are!! "Go Bush GO!!

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    I was present for the launch of STS-107, Columbia. I grew up on the west coast of the

    USA next to a Navy Air Station. I grew up in the 70' and 80's and watched as the Navy

    pilots flew missions and protected America from the world. I was proud. I as a child

    always wanted to go to Kenedy Space Center and watch a Shuttle Launch but was never able

    to due to the distance. I was given a gift this year for Christmas....Tickets to

    STS-107. I had weeks of anticipation. I woke up at 2:30 am local time and drove the

    one hour drive to the Center and then sat in traffic for hours, met a retired US Air

    Force pilot that had flown for over 30 years for the USA, two couples from the

    Midwestern USA, all of us on our 1st Launch. I had thoughts and feeling that touched me

    deeper than any other thing has ever been able to. I was Proud. I awoke to the sound of

    the phone ringing the other morning...a friend calling to say that the Columbia had

    crashed or one was sure. I called the friend that had given me the

    tickets and told her to turn on the TV. A moment later the phone rang again...Another

    friend calling to tell me. Then my Father...who I had taken with me to the StS-107

    mission Launch. He, My father was in tears. This launch meant more to me and the world

    than anyone will ever know, I sat in a bar the morning of the incident eating lunch and

    listened to the people converse with eachother about what had happened...some people

    laughed about it...some people openly wept. I was one of those. And I was Proud. These 7

    astronauts were Heros. They dedicated their lives to one thing. The betterment of, the

    huma race, no, the planet. They worked tirelessly for years to fly this one mission, a

    mission that was put off for 3 years due to the ISS, but they persevered, continued, and

    finally Flew. On the morning of Jan, 16 2003 I saw something that made me cry, I openly

    cried, I could not talk, I could not think. I was proud. My heart soared with the hopes

    and dreams of 7 people for different walks of life and different religions, yet they all

    shared one thing. They were willing to give thier lives for the people of the world.

    Be they closed minded or open minded. It didn't matter if they were from Iraq or

    Bolivia or USA or China. They left the Earth on a mission of peace, science and hope.

    My heart and soul go with the 7 Astronauts and their families. They did this country

    and this world a great service. I was proud. Tragedy? I think not. Unfortunate? Yes.

    They died doing what they loved, What they wanted to do, and they brought invaluable

    information back with them. It will be found to help and better our lives in ways we

    cannot comprehend right now. One thing I have learned in my time, I learned from the US

    Space Program...Failure Is Not An Option. The ISS has been supplied by Russia will be again. The NASA program will not stop. It didn't before, it will

    not now. We Will Go ON! I have not the words to describe how I truely feel but, I am


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    Feb. 3 On Friday, the day before the space shuttle Columbia was to land in Florida, mission specialist Laurel Clark sent
    an e-mail to friends and family describing the awe-inspiring views of Earth from orbit. Here is the full text of her message.

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    My heart trully goes out to all the people involved.

    Bush has annouced a nasa budget increase,

    THAT is the spirit.

    I know in a way what its like as I nearly killed myself on first helicopter solo airfield circuit:

    I let the rotro RPM drop dangerously low and could have dropped out of the sky like a stone.

    When I landed with brown trousers (Pants to U yanks) I thought

    what shall I do ?

    Give up forever or go striaght back up:?:

    I went stright back up again within 2 mins,

    I never told my instructor (who had been teaching for 30 yrs).:thumb:

    I hope they find the cuase as to prevent this thing again.

    An old saying:
    You can make it so safe it won't get off the ground.
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