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Thread: Anti-car theft device.

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    C here

    I like the testimonials.
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    Those sick [email protected]#k criminals!

    Damn is it so [email protected]#king hard to tell the difference between mine and yours...!? :scream:

    I had three attacks on my two latest cars the past 3 years,
    pissed me to the limit that i stayed up a whole night ready with my shoes on and a bat in my hand.

    Lucky for me the ******* never came back, cause then i would probably be locked up in jail the rest of my life due to a bloody murder...

    :eek: :shoot2:

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    :thumb:know exactly how ya felt tweaker, and somtimes it
    does pay to be vigalant.........when married had a punk kid
    'bout 17 yrs old steal da stero cassette outa da wifes rig;
    dumb shyte returned very next night as i had scared him
    off by getting up for work da night before,well, was layin in wait
    when he showed back up for my bose setup.......caught him in
    my '67 GTO and knocked him out with my forehead. Than drug him in da house and nailed both his hand to 2 1/2 ft 2x4 &
    painted thief on other side.......slaped his ass awake an gave
    'em da boot.Only to be arrested on way to work, seems he filed charges........but sherrif just laughed as they couldn't figure how
    to remove those 8penny stagecoach nail & wanted my input.
    After removed nails with dykes......they put he & i in solitary
    long enough 4 him to drop charges on me & plead guilty himself;
    don't mind tellin' ya that was a welcome relief......i luv small
    town 'merican cops! :shoot3: :rolleyes:
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