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Thread: Getting it Today!

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    Well it's been almost 2 1/2 months since my main computer up and died on me. I loved that ol PIII system. Nothing fancy but it got the job done.

    I've been waiting for the Granite Bay boards to be available and finally gave up...(wanted the giga-byte one) got excited when I thought I could get one of the SiS655 boards only to find out it's another two week wait.

    I've had plenty of time to check out video cards and cases and order what I wanted but.......

    I'm worn down from waiting and have work backed up that makes it impossible to delay any

    Today I'm getting all the parts and gonna build me a system.

    As I don't overclock and need stability and function I have settled on a plain ol Intel D845PE SVL board. Nothing fancy at all, no firewire, raid, or sata but it should work fine. I have my pci firewire that will be added.

    Case will be the Kingwin 436 (the silver one). Far more windows than I ever thought of owning but it has all the features I want (slide out motherboard, front sound, firewire and usb ports, tooless entry, good airflow, removable hd cage). And I'm getting a good price with a 420W PS.

    Video will be the ASUS GF4 Ti4200 128 DDR (was going for the Gainward but it seems they have problems with weather changes).


    P4 2.4 533 retail CPU

    And I'll transfer over all my drives 2 WD 40 gig Lite On 40x12x48 CDR and my old Lite On 48x CD ROM. Plus my SB Live 5.1 sound card.

    All in all it's not EVERYTHING I wanted but it should give me a decent rig to work with.

    I can't wait to get off this little K7 system with all it's quirks and limitations....

    Who knows... maybe I'll get into a bit of case moding with it when I get some spare time :bounce2:

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    Have ya givin' though to a DVD to replace that CDROM with? :?:

    And why don't ya give that "little K7 system" a decent mobo and DDR memory then those "quirks and limitations" should be gone and ya'll feel the true power of the little bugger. :devil win

    Good luck with it anyway. :thumb:

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    Well I got the system home.. I love it!!

    The case is awsome and it's very quiet even with all 5 fans running. I can't believe the quality of it. Tooless and attention to detail.

    Here's the stats

    Kingwin 436 Case (Silver)
    Nspire 420W PS
    Intel D845PE SLV MB
    DDR2100 1gig-Kingston
    P4 2.4 533
    ASUS GF4 Ti4200
    WD 80gig 7200 (sorry Wiggo, only 2mg Cache)
    Sony 52x CDRW
    SB Live 5.1
    Pyro PCI Firewire (2 back, 1 front)
    USB2.0 (4 front, 2 back)
    It's sweet!
    Will think about the DVD drive

    As far as my old PIII system ... I took it with me to test out what exactly was wrong with it. Turned out it was the motherboard after testing the power supply and everything else. As I've said in the past my friend owns a computer shop and they had an old Tyan Duel PIII board just sitting around. So we popped that in my old tower and bam, the old PIII lives!! Also added a second processor just to fill the gap on the board. : party ha

    With the K7 I don't think I can change the MB. My neighbor bought the thing and it never worked right. So he gave it to me. I formatted the HD and installed XP. It worked ok and I offered it back to him, but he had bought a MAC to replace it and wasn't interested. It's a Compaq with "their" guts inside, so I don't think I can replace the MB.

    I'm grateful that I had it's the only way I've been able to do anything since the PIII died.

    I'll try to get a picture of the new system and post it here.

    Thanks for all the info and support Wiggo....your help is much appreciated!!

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