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Thread: Who needs a subpoena?

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    "We don't make you show a subpoena, except in exceptional cases," Sullivan told his listeners. "When someone uses our
    site and clicks on the `I Agree' button, it is as if he agrees to let us submit all of his data to the legal authorities.
    Which means that if you are a law-enforcement officer, all you have to do is send us a fax with a request for information,
    and ask about the person behind the seller's identity number, and we will provide you with his name, address, sales history
    and other details - all without having to produce a court order. We want law enforcement people to spend time on our site,"
    he adds. He says he receives about 200 such requests a month, most of them unofficial requests in the form of an email
    or fax.

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    I truly don't want to sound fascist or anything, but for that particular enterprise it makes sense to me that they conduct themselves in this manner.

    I mean, just look at some of the items for sale which have been put on eBay in the past - illegal drugs, software, human organs, stolen merchandise and most common of all is the sale which in actuality has no merchandise to offer (though a real nice item is presented in picture form on the auction page).

    Folks were just a few weeks ago selling pieces of the shuttle they had picked up from the neighborhood.

    What is eBay to do, they have to police thier site in order to protect the community and the site itself.

    In my dealings around and amongst eBay, I have done nothing to fear - so what should I do, but say, "Go get 'em!".

    Keep the riff-raff out, and the honest folks will bring enough business to keep eBay prosperous as it has been in the past.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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