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Thread: What would you do if you owned a company?

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    instead of maiking a better cpu cooler, make a cpu that runs cooler, that would increase life span and stability while overclocking, and then you could buy yourself a water cooling and run really cool. ANyway as for cooling now, weve already got a good solution the Prometia, just gotta wait for a lower price,

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    A program that autmatically overclocks you cpu to its best with ure cooling solution. Would make millions:drool:
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    independent of cooling solution, there is already a program to overclock the CPU to its best.
    MSI's fuzzy logic!
    it overclocks the CPU and RAM till the PC stops responding and restarts. it will set the CPU at this clock speed.
    check out about it from Extreme Overclocking ;)
    but this soultion mixed with cooling...oooooooooh :drool:
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    Take it from one who owns an MSI KT3 Ultra/XP 2100+.

    CPU Cool in conjunction with Direct X 9 & Latest Nvidia
    Drivers has allowed me to OC my Palomino to 2gigs
    stable...............even though the core Multiplier is factory locked
    And having an air colled system which runs idle at 25c/25c=76/76f
    surely hasn't hurt...........but, then i built/am still rebuilding
    the system, soooooooooo, don't try this at home with your
    Compaq/HP/factory built New Old Stock Machine....O-Tay:?: :snip:

    Yeahhhhhhhh, Prometiea...........$600.00 usd is cheap considering that it will keep ya on top of the techno food chain with less $$$
    or upgrades for a year or 2 longer than anything else on da market.................:devil win :cheers:
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