www.gideontech is now down due to server fee and cost..

i was a fan of gide on tech, they had lots of modding info,,, anyone else here a member of gideontech?

o,and heres what they have in the site a few minutes ago

Press Release

GideonTech.com announces successful acquisition by PCMods.com

New York, NY., March 29, 2003 -- GideonTech.com has successfully been acquired by case modification online retailer PCMods.com. Due to financial reasons, operation by the current GideonTech.com staff will cease. Effective immediately, all content and active news items will be handled solely by the staff at PCMods.com.

"It is sad to have to stop the site from growing. With nearly 3000 members and an even larger worldwide readership community, it has grown to the point where money has become thorn in the side of improvement and updates for GideonTech.com. Server fees and maintenance have outgrown our current budget"

About GideonTech.com

Since 1999, GideonTech.com has provided online readers with easy to read guides and hardware reviews. For the past few years, readership has risen at a dramatic rate. Due to unforeseen circumstances, further operation of this site will be halted.

About PCMods.com

PCMods.com has been at the fore-front of case modification. Providing supplies to the market since July of 2000. With new items designed in-house, PCMods.com has been leading the modification market.

For further information, please contact Ed
Chen in regards to GideonTech.com or Carl Mixon in regards to PCMods.com.

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