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Thread: hmmmmm

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    what to do?!:rolleyes:

    4 hours down - 3 left.... stopovers, dontcha just lurve em?! :rolleyes: :laugh:

    ok, I surfed the web until the queue behind me got too long, ate supper, have had copious amounts of coffee and chocolate cake, had a go on the massage chair (!), been shopping (bought some perfume I don't really need or want), had a nap

    sauna was switched off, and gym is closed....

    so, any cool websites I can surf?! fun things to occupy my time... :confused: :confused: :confused:

    btw, as this is in public, in Malaysia, with no sound, please can they be "culturally sensitive"? thanks:thumb:

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    Hmm stopovers, so very very boring. When I had an eight hour stop over in Singapore I went on a free tour which the government offered of the island, is there anything like that there?
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    unfortunately not an organised trip - 7 hours from 5pm to midnight is not the best time to see the city either.... (KL btw) basically by the time I get through customs, into the city, reverse the trip and check in will only leave me an hour or two to see the city, and a strange city at night on my tod, is not exactly the best safety wise..... but as I am moving out this way in June for the next few years, when my husband and I fly together I think we will take the opportunity (plural?) to have a look around together....

    :D might just take a shower to kill some time! :D

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    shower to kill 3 hours?
    firstly you created a queue at cafe and now planning to do the same at shower?
    you surely are going to piss malaysians off. :laugh:

    best of luck in heaven if they kill you! :rofl:
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